India has made a remarkable progress almost in every field after independence.But she is still in the grip of various social evils. The dowry system is one of them.It is one of the biggest evils of our society. It reduces the scared institution of marriage to a business transaction. It degrades q young maiden to the level of salable commodity. It poses a threat not only to our society but also to our economy. It has assumed a shape of a devil who is entering into the vitals of our social and economic life. If this evil is not removed, all our efforts and programme for emancipation of women will be wasted.

Arguments in Favour of Dowry System: Dowry is an old social system. In old age, it was based on love and affection. the parents of the brides used to give presents and cash to the brides according to their social status. According according to its supporters, it is a fine method of setting up an establishment for the newly weds. The marriage is the girls life insurance, and so the dowry is the premium. and the higher the degree of insurance, the larger is the premium . The dowry system is found in all period - Ramayana age to Mughal period and even in British period. but now the sweet aim of dowry has been corrupted by mean and selfish persons. Now dowry has become a burden as well as a social scooter, a refrigerator and T.V. set have now become essential items of dowry. Brides and Grooms are treated like a commodity in the market of marriage.

Serious Aspects of Dowry System: Dowry system is the curse to society on the whole. Poor and lower class parents find it very difficult to select a good match for their daughters. they have to borrow money from moneylenders to meet the high demands of dowry which makes their life a hell. another serious aspects of the dowry is that lack of dowry leads brides to undergo all sorts of suffering. They are insulted, abused and beaten. The sensitive brides commit suicide to save their self-respect. Thus death or suicide by a bride is the sad fate to parents. The third aspect is that rich people escape income-tax, property-tax etc. As most of the marriage transactions are made in black money by them.

Step taken by Government and Reformers to Eradicate the Dowry System: Under the condition is becomes an urgent need to eradicate this evil system at the earliest. various state Governments have taken different hold steps to eradicate this evil from our society. An amount of Rs. 3,000 has been fixed as dowry. Government servants and official have been ordered not to participate in any marriage where dowry exceeds the fixed limit. The anti - dowry campaign has been launched. The flying squads have been formed to check marriages. Thousand of young boys are daily signing pledges not to take any dowry in marriage. Young girls are taking vows not to marry those who are greedy for dowry.

Dowry disturbs the economy of the girl's father and it brings with it a number of calamities. Divorce and separation are the results of dowry. life-long quarrels between husband and wife are shaped by dowry. Murder and suicide are closely related to unhappy marriages. Law alone cannot help us much in uprooting this social evil. Anti-dowry campaign should be made more effective and successful. Outlook of people should be broadened. The people both in town and villages should be made fully aware of the unpleasant result of dowry. The person responsible for harassing and burning or killing wives due to lack of dowry should be punished by law as well as they should be condemmed in society. The acceptance of dowry should be regarded as a social crime and economic offence. More love-marriages and more intercaste and inter-provincial marriages should also prove helpful in uprooting this evil.

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