An urge to travel is an in born instinct in human beings. People like to see the wide world with its variety of languages, habits, cultures, climates and ever changeing landscape. To the intellectual type the art, culture, traditions and festivals and architecture are an added attraction.  Man has change his mode of travel over the centuries from barges and boats to high speed jet plains. The restful but time consuming voyage on a ship, in contrast to a speedy and spectacular ride in a jet, both are fscinating. In the fast changing world, the jets of today will be old fashioned and obsolete before the supersonic giants.

Tourism has a tremendous impact on the economy of any country. The invisible gains in the balancesheet of the country's economy are by no means insignificant. Coupled with these games is the large amount of international good - will the country earns at no sacrifies whatsoever. The country's tourist potential consists mainly of what is already a part and parcel of the land. The country does not part with any of these real assets but the impressions and the souvenir which the touist take back from a country are weighter than gold in terms of good will and friendship. In return, a tourist expects nothing more than trouble free travels. More than anything else he wants an opportunity to meet the people of the country and know about their customs, habits, religion and the outlook on life.

A vital role that tourism can play is to act as an instrument of closer international relations. Countries professing diametrically opposit political ideologies can hardly ever have a common meeting ground. et this ground can be provided by the encouragement of tourist traffic. A tourist visits a countryto relax and enjoyin a different environment. The setting is ideal for a free and unbiased exchange have often paved the way for a clearer appreciation of eachothers point of view and can contribute substanially to international understanding. In a way tourism can be said to be messanger of peace and goodwill.

 Tourism can also help to promote business. A tourist visiting a country can take advantage of his state to meet his clients in business. Such personal contacts often contribute towards lerger business. It is no less possible for a tourist to establish fresh business connections either in the same line of business, or may be in some other entirely new line, which may ultimately turn out to be far more lucrative.

 India has been blessed with a large potential for attracting the international tourist. Stretching from the valley of Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumary in the south and from the Rann of Kutch in the west to the Bay of Bengal in the east. India combines within herself a wonderous assortment of people; their culture, beautiful scenery, enchanting folklore, intricate and eye catching architecture in temples, mosques, and monastry, exquisite handicrafts, game sancturies, various flora and wild life preserves. India thus has a place for every tourists, no matter what his interest are.

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