A recent research report says that missed calls are largely used in India,when comparing with other countries.

"LirNae Asia" is an organization,which recently conducted a research in usage of cell phones and Landline phones in the developing countries like India,Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Philiphines and Thailand.

The research team conducted a research with around 11,000 peoples from the above 6 countries.The report was developed by asking questions for 45 minutes from each person.

From this report we got many interesting news.Here i will share some interesting news.

From the report

* Cell Phones are used differently only from the middle class peoples of India.

* By this report Indian middle class peoples are giving more "Missed calls".

* 84% of Indians says that to save money,we are giving missed calls,but other country peoples not do like this.This report says that the peoples below the age of 35 years are giving more missed calls and also these peoples are using two or more sim cards in one phone.Also these peoples are using specified packages to talk more with their friends and family members.
One more interesting news about Indians is that most indian womans like to talk only in telephone booths and in public phones.

According to this report Indians are the king of "Missed calls"

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