Introduction – In the newspaper I have often read of accidents in the streets of Calcutta. We know it is a very dangerous thing to walk along the busy streets of Calcutta. Many careless people meet with accidents and sometimes with death for their carelessness. But sometimes they receive injuries for no fault of theirs. Sometimes the drivers of buses and motor-cars drive very rashly. As a result of this, collision takes place or they run over innocent people.

The accident – The other day I saw an accident at the Esplanade junction. In the afternoon I was going to take a walk in the Maidan. When I reached the Esplanade junction, I waited to cross the street. Within a few minutes an accident took place. A bus was running at a great speed. It was going along the wrong side as a tram was going in front. It wanted to leave the tram behind. In doing this it ran along the wrong side. Another tram was coming from the opposite direction. The bus could not be kept to the left. It was placed between the two trams. There was a great collision. The bus was smashed. The driver was seriously wounded. Several passengers also were seriously wounded. The trams were damaged, but their passengers were not hurt. The police at once came to the spot. It was crowded with people. First aid was given to the wounded men. The Ambulance was informed. Soon three Ambulance cars came. The wounded men were removed to the medical college hospital. I had never seen such a street accident before this. I almost fainted to see the bleeding. The driver’s condition seemed to be critical. The next morning I read the report of the accident in the newspaper. I learnt that the driver met his death in the hospital. Some of the passengers were still in a critical condition.

ConclusionAccidents are so frequent in Calcutta that the police should be strict. They should check rash driving. The drivers should be heavily punished for rash driving.

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