A large heavy animal is with thick fur. Bears eat all kinds of food, both animals and plants, and love honey. There are different types of bears found in different parts of the world. The largest bear is the Kodiak bear of Alaska. The most dangerous bear is the big grizzly bear of North America. The polar bear is creamy white. The bear that you see in India doing all kinds of tricks is the sloth bear.


The camel is called the ship of the desert. Camels are used to carry loads in the desert. Their feet have got soft pads and therefore do not sink into the sand. They store fat in their hump and water in special cells in the lining of their stomach. Many people believe that camels store water in their humps. It is not so.

There are two kinds of camel. The Arabian camel is which has got one hump and the Bactrian camel which has got two humps on its back.



It is a fish eating sea animal that is related smaller. Although a dolphin looks like a fish, it is a mammal. Like all mammals dolphins breathe in air, suckle their young on milk and are warm-blooded. They are very intelligent and some of them are kept in dolphinariums where they learn to do tricks. They especially enjoy leaping into the air.



Goldfish come from China. They are a small yellow or orange fish that can be kept as pets in ponds or fish bowls.



The hedgehog is a mammal that has a covering of spines on its back for its protection. When threatened, it rolls up into a prickly ball. It comes out at night to hunt for snail, slugs, worms and wisls insects.



An organ in female animals is like a cow which looks like a large bag and hangs between the legs. It makes and gives out milk.



Leopard is a handsome big cat that is smaller than lion and tiger. It has yellow fur with black spots and is very strong and fierce. It is found in Africa and Asia. Leopards are good climbers and they often hunt from trees, lying in wit on a branch. If they cannot eat all their catch at once, they may drag the carcass high up into a tree.



A rabbit is a small animal that has soft fur, long ears and a very short tail. Some breeds of rabbits are kept as pets. Rabbits are normally active in the evening or at night.



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