The old way of praying

Any outcome imaginable, and every possibility that we are able to conceive is an aspect of creation that has already been created and exists today as a state "sleep" of possibility

Much of the constraints in Western traditions during the last half century and has invited us to "ask" that specific circumstances in our world change through divine intervention, that our prayers are answered. In our well-intentioned requests, however, could inadvertently be giving power to the same conditions that we are praying to ask for a change.

For example, when asked "Dear God, please let there be peace in the world," in effect we are stating that there is no peace in this. Ancient traditions remind us that the prayers in which we are just a way of praying, inter alia. There are others that lead us to find peace in our world through the quality of thoughts, feelings and emotions we create in our body.

Once we allow the qualities of peace in our mind and we fuel our prayer through feelings of peace in our body, the fifth model of sentence states that the outcome has already occurred.

Quantum science now takes this idea and takes it a step further, stating that it is precisely these feelings to the conditions of the creation answered, tying the feeling with which we pray the prayer in our inner world with similar conditions in the outside world. Although the outcome of our prayer may not yet have appeared in the outside world, we are invited to acknowledge our communion with creation and live as if our prayer has already been answered.

Through the words of other times, the old invite us to recover the ancient mode of prayer as a permanent state of consciousness in which we become, rather than a prescribed form of action that we do occasionally. In words that are so simple and elegant, it reminds us to "let us surround" the answer to our prayers and the "wrap" in the manner we choose experience. In modern language, this description suggests that to make changes in our world, we first need to experience the feelings that change has already occurred.

As modern science continues to validate the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and dreams with the world around us, it becomes clear that forgotten bridge between our prayers and that we experience. The inner beauty of this technology is that it is based on human conditions we already have. From the prophets who saw in their dreams, we are reminded that by honoring the life, fulfill our duty to the survival of our species and the future of the only home we know.

The Isaiah Effect

In the words of his time, the ancient traditions, such as the Essenes, remind us that every prayer has been answered. Any outcome imaginable, and every possibility that we are able to conceive is an aspect of creation that has already been created and exists today as a state "sleep" of possibility. Are these equally likely outcomes that provide the foundation of the new model range and the Theory-N, and quite possibly, are responsible for the various dimensions of what we now believe our creation.

From this perspective, our use and application of the sentence based on the feelings ceases to be less about "creating" this or that result and it becomes more of "access" to the desired result is already created. While the ancient and modern traditions seem to agree that there are many possibilities, questions have been provided on how a specific outcome wake and real in our lives we do today?, How can we call the possibility of peace in our world, for example, or health in our bodies, possibilities that already exist, when the events of our world seem to show conditions of violence and disaster?. The answer to this question, and the key to Isaiah Effect, is based on revealing the mystery of prayer based on sentiment.

The ancient Essenes remind us that there is a strong relationship between what happens in our inner world of feelings and conditions of the world around us. Perhaps amazingly simple, this relationship states that the condition of our health, our societies, and even weather patterns are mirrors of the way we deal with life inside. Recent experiments in the science of subtle energy and quantum physics now show credibility precisely those traditions.

Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden is a true 'new scientific age' that is joining the rails elegantly science with spirituality, and is also a great promoter that resembles very much Carl Sagan for his presence and amenities. He has traveled around the world investigating the pyramids and power centers of each culture, and recent discoveries in genetics and the recent planetary physical phenomena never before been presented in the history of our science.

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