Fluoride intake provides a lower IQ, according to a 1995 study. While brushing your teeth you always get in fluoride. There are fifty studies on the harmful effects of fluoride. Some studies show that the IQ of children who use fluoride than 10% lower than children who did not take fluoride. There are thousands of studies showing that fluoride is bad for the body and the mind. Still, many people take their daily dose of fluoride within.

Fluoride during tooth brushing is absorbed into the blood. Not only do you accidentally swallow fluoride in, via the mouth itself, substances in the blood. It has the effect of the nervous system not functioning as well. People are less critical. In the concentration camps of the Nazis were added for that reason fluoride to drinking water. Fluoride is a way to get the masses complacent and control, mind control.

History of fluoride
Fluoride was in the 19th century, a pollutant. It is needed as by aluminum. Aluminum manufacturers were in the 19th century, many suffer from social observation that people were sick of massive aluminum. That was the start of the industry early last century to create a series of scientific publications showing that fluoride was healthy. For this, children were used. They wield namely the argument that a small concentration of fluoride is good for children's teeth. Based on this idea was drummed into the American people that aluminum can not really bad, baby teeth have indeed benefited. When the atomic bomb was produced fluoride was needed. Who oppose the construction of atomic plants because they were afraid of fluoride emissions. This resistance was contained through publications of new research on fluoride and children's false teeth. These studies have recently become public, they were first military secret. Now they are openly studying scientists can sweep the floor with the methodology used. There are all found evidence that the toxicity of fluoride is kept secret. Moreover, recent studies show that fluoride is indeed detrimental to the teeth. For a children's teeth that makes a little less, they still need to change teeth. Especially teeth of adults are full of holes. Fluoride causes cavities correctly. The mendacious government scientists from America are still believed. The children's teeth argument is a mass psychological argument. The underlying reasoning is: if a child is good ... At the time that scientists have published studies false positive fluoride mind control experiments were done in America. This science was practiced by former Nazi scientists. America had 3000 scientists from Nazi Germany who knew exactly how to import the people must lie structurally. The fact that many people still believe that fluoride is healthy crowd shows that a simple manipulation.

Toothpaste in a little fluoride. People are warned that they should not swallow. That has only partially effective because there are always leftovers after rinsing toothpaste back in the mouth. You just swallow this. When brushing your mouth takes many substances from the toothpaste. If you three times a day with fluoride toothpaste brushing will get enough fluoride in order to call the poison. In some countries like Canda and the U.S. is also another fluoride to drinking water. That makes it even greater risk of fluoride. The fluoride concentrations are so small that you would not seriously ill. You will become sick of too much fluoride toothpaste what people find when they swallow. There is also fluoride-free toothpaste on sale at good chemists. Drugstore chains rarely have this product. All toothpastes that are not on the tube that there is no fluoride in it, fluoride is added.

Fluoride for the atomic bomb
Documents released by the U.S. atomic bomb program indicate that fluoride has an unnerving effect. In a memo dated April 29, 1944 the Manhattan Project memo states: "Clinical evidence suggests that uranium hexafluoride with a clear central nervous system effect .... It seems very likely that the F [code for fluoride] component rather than the T [ code for uranium] is the causative factor. ¨ Japan, recent research suggests that fluoride makes cancer cells from healthy cells. degenerating cells when they are exposed to fluoride.

Gray hairs for your 30th
The body is not acutely ill from fluoride ingestion but develops slowly abnormalities. After several years may be as large that it leads to a disease. That does not everyone has the same illness. One known effect of fluoride is the calcification of blood vessels, muscle and skin tissue. The muscles are less flexible and rigid faster. A skin is aging rapidly. It is also more gray hair by the use of fluoride. In Turkey, a village called Kizilcaoren everyone on his 30th gray and very many babies are born prematurely. 30-year-olds have a wrinkled skin and feel old. There are some other villages in the world where the same phenomenon occurred. This has been traced by scientists to cause a beginning, an excessive concentration of fluoride in drinking water.

Dentist loses authority
On the part of defensive dentists responded to information that fluoride is an extremely hazardous substance. Dentists are trained with the idea that fluoride is an important contribution to the health of the teeth. In fact, dentists carry out the propaganda that the U.S. military has launched. Dentists are trained to be an authority on fluoride area. This information is based on the fabricated lie that fluoride is healthy. Nowadays fewer and fewer people listen to authorities. Scientists and academics have lost their status as authority because the public (corporate) political motives for a mind to hang easily punctured.

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