Everyone is always looking for little tips to save on our water bills, washing with rainwater is a great saving on water bill. It works, it's cheaper and you do not really see the difference with clothing that is washed with tap water. One or more toilets can be connected to rainwater, making your water bill will plummet.

Rain water purification
To clean water in your washing machine or toilet, you need to filter rainwater first 2 pass, a coarse strainer and an activated carbon filter, thus the water is cleansed of all dirt particles. The active carbon filter, the water purifying inconspicuous dirt and odors, a bacterium is easily filtered out.

Washing with Rainwater
Everyone asks the question whether washing with rainwater and cleanliness will have the same effect as washing water. If you install a decent place between you and your rain water washing is no problem, no one will notice the difference. The maintenance of your rain water and you aanzuiginstallatie you can not forget, this only gives a better end result and you're less likely to replace your filters.

Your washing machine will still consume as much water, but water that is free from the sky cases still remain free, unlike tap water. This has done a solid savings but also saving on laundry detergents you go. If rainwater is washing you need to use less detergent same effect as compared to washing with water. Detergents are not the cheapest products you need at home so this saves a bit in the wallet.

WC on rainwater
Water in a toilet, but only serves to wash, it costs money and get nothing in return. Rainwater is the ideal solution for, because this is free and the rain still not enough without falling. Most flushing systems have a save button that consumes less water than a small message for a major. This is a saving applies to free rainwater so you do not run out. If you still find yourself with almost no rain water in your tank, leave some water in your tank so you run no air pump starts to suck. That would not be very bad for your pump parts and machines as a result.

Many people fear that their shiny gray and dirty white porcelain bowl is by the use of rainwater, but this is not the case. Rain water contains far less calcium than tap water so you will get much less calcium deposits in your porcelain bowl. By the active filters you do not get dirty water in your jar rightly so dirty about discoloration or a marketing edge you need not worry.

Some other applications of rainwater
For watering the lawn or watering flowers in the rain garden is ideal. In a hot summer, you use this stored rainwater, lawn and plants are living too different from rain water so it can not hurt to use this to spray. The car washing or window cleaning can be done perfectly with rainwater. If you tap out a place on rainwater, all these applications is fast, easy and free done with recycled water.

Rainwater is plentiful and it's free, all you need do is collect in a cistern and a pump filter. The money invested will very quickly and recoup your water bill will drop dramatically. It seems advisable to make this small investment of years and reap the benefits by paying less.

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