There are many times you dream for something and all of a sudden you get it. Like when I was a kid, I used to dream for small things like a going to some place or spending time with friends, I grew and then dreamt of a job.....when you get something you wish for it thrills you.....someone may say I dreamt about this once upon a time. But ever since I’ve seen Walt Disney classics, I believed in fairy tales and used to say that I saw what I wanted “once upon a dream.”... The fairy tales had another effect on me....I dreamt of love, in Prince Charming, in meeting someone over coffee or at a top it on our Bollywood masala movies did more damage. DDLJ’s Raj and Simran,Hum Tum’s Karan and Rhea,Jab We Met’s Aditya and Geet...release after release, I had a growing eluded fantasy of meeting my man. But many would share the same sentiment that when you are single and eligible to marry, the phase for the partner hunt is not all that exciting. Moreover at a certain point it becomes frustrating.Parents keep on pressurizing to know your preferences. And all hope for  the things you see in the movies about meeting someone special diminishes or rather vaporizes.   I just backed off and concentrated more on my work. To escape the plight of being shown numerous pictures and given strange numbers to talk was becoming difficult. In order to get rid of these awkward situations, I started working late and whenever office needed someone to tour, I happily volunteered. After endless profiles that did not work out, I lost all hope. My sister used to’s okay to dream, why should you stop dreaming? It felt like the situation in DDLJ when Simran’s mom tells her that dreaming is not bad, but don’t expect all dreams to come true.   So all those dreams about maybe a phone call someday, that strange voice that would ask me about myself and would like to know more about me, that romantic meeting and someday after we knew a romantic proposal to which I’d say yes, all that, I still dreamt. I dreamt of the preferences also. I needed someone simple and smart, someone whom I could be friends with.   That phone call did come one day. It came in the most unexpected way. He called when I was busy with official work; so I had to reschedule the appointment. I was so angry with the way things were going because I was answerable for every reschedule.   He was very straight forward and had told earlier that the call was made with an intention of a proposal,no sweet talk what so ever. We told each other our preferences and also started off casually. We talked and talked for a few days and unexpectedly one day out of the blue,he proposed.This was just two weeks later we started talking. I was shocked because of one major glitch....we never met! I asked him “You have not met me yet?"   He said it’s not needed.....and that he was coming to my place to ask for my hand formally.I said it was ok. Once he kept the phone all could think was what? what did I just do? And there went all my dreams of a romantic date, a great proposal and chats over coffee vaporising completely in front of my eyes.   He came and met my parents and when they asked what we decided we just said "Yes". I realised on meeting him that he is pretty simple and straight forward, he can’t pretend about anything and can’t make things there went again my dreams for any future romantic dates or romantic things ahead. I realised I just was fantasizing, but I dreamt of a smart man,someone who I'd be friends with... someday I’d meet him.Thankfully I did get that.   This is for all the girls who fantasize like me about a grand gala meeting; about fireworks and music in the’s never going to happen. Meeting him is a blessing...How we meet is immaterial. I did get what I really dreamt for.   We got married a month later. Everyone in our extended family was alarmed by the speed at which things were taking course now. Even as we spoke to each other daily we discussed how funny things are going on. In my heart I knew that things I dreamt for are coming true.   My husband sometimes asks me why I said yes the very day he proposed and it was short period, how did I know it was the right decision..... I don't know how to explain this to him that I did meet him “Once upon a Dream.” P.S: Romantic dates and coffee,still yet to come....but keep dreaming!  

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