Humility –a great virtue

Humility is divinity

While it is wonderful to earn wealth, become famous or powerful, one must learn to be always humble. Otherwise, all riches, fame or power will vanish very fast. You would have heard of many rich and powerful men, who, because of their arrogance, lost everything. All religions and holy books praise the virtue of humility. The famous proverb `pride goes before the fall’ also emphasizes the strength of humility.

This great habit must be cultivated from your childhood itself so that you can become loved by all. Nobody likes to be a friend of an arrogant person, however intelligent that person might be. National leaders like Mahatma Gandhi were very modest and humble in spite of their greatness and that is why they are respected even now, decades after left the earth.

Once Acharya Vinoba Bave, noted freedom fighter that started the Bhoodan movement was asked `what made you sacrifice your life and wealth for the independence movement?’ Acharya replied `What sacrifice are you talking about? I did nothing more than what thousand of self- respecting Indians throughout the country did. Why are you singling me out for this question?’ such was his humility.

There was a noble saint by name Eknaath who was constantly chanting the name of the God. He was a very modest and humble person and hence everybody in the village respected him. There was however one person who was jealous of Eknaath and wanted to provoke him into anger.

Eknaath made it a habit to rise early and take his bath in the holy river before sunrise. Knowing this, the jealous villager climbed up a tree on the way and awaited Eknaath. After completing his bath, Eknaath was returning and at this time the villager threw some filth on him.

Without a word or even looking up, Eknaath returned to the river to take a bath. When he passed the tree, the villager repeated his act and again Eknaath retraced his path to the river for yet another bath. This happened for twenty times and the villager was feeling ashamed of his act.

He therefore alighted from the tree and approached Eknaath and said `Sir! I was the one who threw the fifth on you so many times and feel very bad about it. Please forgive me!’ instead of shouting at him, Eknaath ell at the villager’s feet.

The villager was astounded. He cried `sir! I am the one who should fall at your feet for my crime. Please do not make my sin bigger by falling at my feet’. Eknaath replied `Sir! It is because of you that I had the fortune of taking bath in the holy river for so many times. How can I ever thank you?’ the villager realize that Eknaath was a divine being and yet was so humble. He became Eknaath’s disciple.




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