Kitchen is a place where a woman has to spend most of her time and it should be the neat and clean because if it is untidy or unhygienic than no one like to eat the food which you cooked in it. Here are some tips which help you to maintain you kitchen in spite of your busy schedule and hectic life.

First of all there should be a good storage space in every kitchen is must as we all know that today we get modular kitchen or designer kitchens which comes with lot of storage space, but if you have small kitchen than you can use big steel containers for the storage purposes and you can put them under the kitchen counter.

It is good if your kitchen good natural light as it makes your kitchen much more fresh and also keep them free from germs and insects but if it is not possible than the proper lightning should be necessary in every kitchen. If it is possible than always use an exhaust fan in your kitchen.

Keep your kitchen always clean only the floor cleaning is not compulsory bur if you have tiles in your kitchen than their cleaning is also necessary; always keep the tiles clean this will make your kitchen to look neat and more spaceful.

There should be a drain in your kitchen which provides an exit for the water as if you keep your kitchen dry than you can get rid of cockroaches and other insects.

Do not leave the eatables on kitchen counter as they invite cockroaches and other insects.

Always use steel sink in your kitchen as it is easy to clean them and your kitchen look hygienic. Do not leave your sink always occupied with the utensils as the left over food in them cause foul smell.

It is good that you go for a pest control always once in a month this will help you lot to maintain your kitchen and also keep it germs free.

Always use the dustbin which has lid this will keep your kitchen clean and the garbage will not roam in the kitchen clean your dustbin in every 2-3 days with the hot water. This will keep it smell free and also germ free.

Use these tips and I am sure that you will defiantly find a change in your kitchen and the food cooked in this kitchen will look and taste better and also good for the heath of your family.

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