The topic I am writing about is common but less spoken about. We all have faced it many times in our lives. We dream. We’re bound to, because we are human. And during the course of that dreaming, none of us realize that there is a remote possibility of that dream to get shattered.

It may be something we have just conceptualized, something we have been working upon or something that has already been built .I would like to share few life experiences that I've seen and learnt from them.

Experience 1:

When I selected for a telecom company as the Asst Manager, needless to say I was super-excited. Finally working with a huge brand was something I never dreamt of, but thankfully I did get the opportunity. I never had good appraisals therein my 2.5 years tenure but I do remember being promised for a good appraisal as the third term was kicking in. And to my surprise and great satisfaction I was given a good rating. All I had to do was waiting for 2 more months till it was on paper. I got engaged the next month. I was on Cloud 9.I was also very sure that after getting a good rating; I would be given a transfer so that I could stay with my husband.

The next day I had a word with my boss, she was candid in telling me that there are good opportunities in the location I preferred and that I can apply for leave and come back and join. I waited for the transfer. Until the day came when I was supposed to leave for my wedding holidays. that’s when the HR tells me, that no spot is open and you have to make a decision. Either join back after your vacation, work here till the opening comes or resign.

What a crashing experience that was. To give up a dream job and enter a new place not knowing what is to come. And that also at a moment where there is no time left to think. I resigned that day wherein all my work, credential and appraisals just vapourized infront of my eyes.


Experience 2:

This is about a dearest friend I have. We have been close since the time we met and amazingly we have been there for each other in all tough time, supporting each other. We got married at the same time.Until one day she broke the news that she was now embarking the special journey of being a parent.She was expecting and had completed her term to almost 7 months.Till seven months we would talk on the phone about every little detail that was going on .As her case progressed, everything seemed normal and even the due dates were fixed. She even had a sonography where she could see and now could distinctly feel the movements of her baby to come.

Until I received a phone call that told me she was admit unexpectantly.I asked what was the reason and I learnt that she had to undergo abortion because her blood pressure was too high,so high that her life was endangered as well. Everything changed at that moment for me.In as much as I felt helpless, I could not even comprehend what she was going to go through once she came back to conscienceness.Even worse,I was not there to be at her side when she was going through all of this.


Experience 3:

My family basically has served in the field of education and one of my close Aunty has a school of her own that belongs in an Army campus.It was a rented building.Since the past 10 years or more we have seen her slog from pillar to post to keep that dream alive.She had started from one room to a decent campus and had reached a stage where not only was her school recognised, it was flourishing. She had place to keep her staff members and their families in the campus. People started knowing the place because of her school. It takes alot of investment and moreover sweat and blood to keep something like that thriving and surviving. She was quite content and was happy running the school until one day the notice comes from the Army to vacate the campus.

Some legal conditions were violated by the owner, so they had to vacate. She pleaded for the timeline and the timeline was given. One hour! How do you vacate your school in one hour.Where will all the support staff and their families go?But no, only one hour was given.

In an hour’s time, what was once a school was turned into rubble as the bulldozer ran over the bulding that was her dream.All turned to mere powder for no fault of her's.


What do we do at points like these?


But bless God Almighty that none of us stopped there. I put down those papers and believed God will make a better way out. I encourage my friend whenever I call her and she realizes that her life is spared for a reason and no matter how great her loss is she is finding a way to be happy. My aunt knew her world was tossed but she made plans to rearrange her school in some other site and is all set to get things together.

We can't just stop because one door is closed. We have to keep going on. I’ve seen so many  people and have read so many cases wherein people go into depression, leave things to fate or even lose hope of the better to come. I want to encourage you to stop thinking like that.

I know it seems like the end of the world when dreams shatter, but I have learnt a few things from them that are worth-sharing.

A. Accept that my dream has shattered.

B. Believe that you will make it through.

C. Believe that what has happened is the beginning for the better.

D. Never stop dreaming.

It take a seed to die before it give way to a new plant to live. Similarly dreams shatter to give in new dreams to come. All the above instances had made us stronger. I’ve never seen one successful person say in his biography that life was easy. In the Bible its mentioned; “My (Gods) grace is sufficient for you, for my (His) power is made perfect in weakness.” ( Ref: 2 Corinthians 12:9)

There is something we all will agree on. These situations come in unannounced. They will hit you by surprise and take away every ounce of hope from you. It’s so easy to throw our hands in the air and say “ I give up!” But I am glad to share that these situations never prevail.Its tough to dust yourself up and again start over...But you do become a newer,better,stronger person. I am sure that everyone reading this, has even more stories to share. All of us have gone through points when are dreams shatter.

If anyone asks me what would you do when your dreams shatter?

I'd say,I dream new ones!




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