This is a well-known proverb and it must have originated in the cold countries which do not receive the direct rays of the sun and rarely benefit by the heat of the sun. They have to wait for the rare opportunity when they can dry grass for fodder. This is the literal meaning of the proverb. The implied meaning is that we should seize any opportunity for benefit or enjoyment. For instance, a child is given the opportunity of education in a good school. He should make the best use of the opportunity so that he has a good foundation for higher studies. Let us consider that a school provides coaching in swimming. An eager child will not let go such an opportunity. Swimming is a sport that can save a life, and one should be lucky to know it. During the long vacation, children usually waste their time in idle activities which do not contribute anything to personality development or character formation. Children can avail of hobby courses which can train their body, mind or intellect. Such opportunities, once lost, are lost forever. In collage, a student may get the opportunity to go for trekking, hiking or mountain climbing. These are opportunities for physical development. A short course in yoga or meditation will teach the art of controlling one’s mind. When a student is in college, he can have a lot of spare time. He should seize opportunities to gather work experience, besides scholastic achievements. Thus, by the time the student has completed his collage course, he will be an accomplished youth with ample information in various fields. He can hope for a bright future. Every family has neighbors and relatives. By maintaining good relations with the neighboring families, we can get the best out of them. Such healthy interaction will contribute to the all around development of an individual. In conclusion, we can say that everyone, young or old, should make hay while the sun shines, so as to get the maximum out of life, in terms of experience and enjoyment.

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