Thinking about self is the most important thing one should do in his or her life.  About 80% of the people never think about his or her life which influences directly or indirectly others life. People often say live a simple life.  It is very difficult for one to live a simple life.  One as to change according to the situation which has a deep impact on one's life.  For a change in one's life one has to think about himself. People generally call self thinking people as `selfish' people.  They are not the selfish people in some cases.  Living for self is as vital as living for others.  It is never wrong to live for self and think for self.  Having an positive attitude towards one's life and developing the same will help in the overall development of the individual.  This comes from thinking about self in a positive way. 

Nothing will help a person who doesnot help himself.  Self help is the best help.  This can be taken as instance for improving one's life and for thinking for self.  Self thinking people often doesn't get hurt easily and are most case they are well placed in position than the rest of the world.  About 80% of the people now-a-days get hardly any time for self thinking.  The process of self thinking begins with finding ways about the purpose of living and the impact on others life from the same. The advantages of self thinking will lead to a prosper life with more avoidance of negativity, less pitfalls and planned life.  God has given us a great brain to think and act  wisely to the situation not hastily following the queue.  Making your life better or advancement in our life is much better than following the queue.

  Improving self is the biggest and greatest achievement one can hardly compare with something else.    Self thinking will help in the overall development of individual and a zeal to work for a goal.


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