There is no other beauty in this world than flowers. So such flowers become designs on the dresses of girls , then there will be increase their beauty. There may be many fashionable dress come into the market, but dresses with flowers designs will surely comes. In those , the big flowers designs are big fashion these days.

In dark color dress with big light color flowers.this was a big fashionable dressing trend in 2008. Again designers have designed dresses with small flowers design for women. Therefore designers are circulating older trend in more fashionable fresh manner. So girls have been opting all these latest designs. By knowing the interest of this latest trend of girls, the designers have designed long, short kurtha, frak, legging are modern dress and also  traditional dresses like salwaar kameez, sarry with pumpkin size flower designs. These kind of dressing also liked by bollywood , hollywood and tollywood actress.

The pumpkin size flower size printing mostly comes on black color, blue, green, pink and on dark colors. So in these yellow color flower on black color, blue color flowers , orange color flowers print designs are popular.

  To give a natural look for desing , designers uses the natural color to that particular flower color. That in phloral designs there will be different colors so all of them will be suitable to every one. 

So now every age group girls are prefering the outfits with flower designs that may be chudidar, punjabhi dress, middy , shot skut, long skut, frock, saree, ghaghra, half saree and casuals. The present trend is roming around the big flowers design of print on dark colors like black, navy blue, dark green. these kind of color combination with such color of flowers will give a gorgeous looks to the girls. So this is the latest fashion in the market.


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