Saree is the most beautiful coustom in the world . No other dresses can be comparable with this costume.

The greatness of the saree is know to each and everyone.It represents India as a traditional wear and in many occassions these sarees were

worn by many of the women.Nowerdays  sarees are not used by so many people because of their busy scheduled lifes only at the time

of occassions  or function or parties come all are will appear in this traditional wear.Buying of  costly sarees   and dressing ourselves is not

only necessary we need to keep them clean and look at it carefully.

Some of the tips that can be followed as below

Instead of washing  the sarees in washing machine it is better to  wash using  our hands ,mainly the silk sarees which get rolled up sson.

The sarees which are more costly and that it takes time  for washing it is better to give it for drywashing Keeping these sarees in detergent is

not at all safe and if u wanted to do  with detergent just keep for ten minutes and remove from that .

Washing sarees with soap is the best method as  they can be used  for longer span of  days.

Some sarees need to be washed with warm water

In some places when there is no sun and less humadity it is better to dry the sarees on the reverse side

When you are washing the saree for the first time soak the saree in salt water as it doen not get faded or the colour wont come out.We

need to apply soap only after  washing for three times .

Avoiding brush is best

When we are using the saree that is folded we find foldings in saree and these folding will be lappearing  after waering  it also to avoid

that keep the saree rolled so that we wont find folding next time

Mnay of us wont look at the sarees once it is kept in the cupboard ,it is necessary to recheck the saree for every three months just open the

saree and fold it again from the other side so that the saree wont tear.

If we keep the shifon sarees in clean and thick cloth or clothes if will be looking new forever

To keep the shinning in shifon sarees it is better to use starch and then iron.While ironing do not sprinkle water on that as the water mark will

 be present on that saree and it will look odd and it is not that easy to clean that


Hope these tips will be useful








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