The first birth in this creation is man.  The word “human” has been derived from the word “humus”. The meaning of humus is soil. We always hear that the terms “Ladies First”. If we ask anyone, what is this ladies first. Then people may answer that ladies are beautiful so we say ladies first. But this absolutely wrong.

                Men are beautiful in the creation. Furless lioness won’t look beautiful or fur with lion look beautiful. So the lion is only beautiful. The female peacock is not beautiful thank male peacock. Because male peacock has feathers on its head also. Cock is more beautiful than hen.

                Women are powerful than men. So that’s why people say women - the power (sakthi). To obtain power easily, the man should depend upon woman. Woman can attract other women. Even they make people look at them. This is the power of the chakra around them. Men are for daring, boldness and creativity. Woman are for patience, purity, love with restriction and power.

                From childhood women are been underestimate. But women are the source of power. But we cannot understand why men underestimate women. The more the men encourage and appreciate women that much they will be benefited. So they should be careful.

                In this creation, we should have faith in deserving, power and confidence improved. So female birth has a chance of giving birth. The divines which we forget, to remember that for 9 months in the baby form will be in women body and to feel the baby in the stomach the creation gave opportunity to woman. The baby in the stomach can learn a lot of divine knowledge if the women are good health.

                When a women is pregnant at that time, if she perform meditation then she can travel inside her body. This will be great of her birth. The happiness of having a baby will be to father of the baby when the baby is born only. It is said that “every delivery is a second birth to woman”. So taking 2nd birth is only opportunity for women. To know and feel the secrets, god has created women and gave boom to them that is to give birth to a baby.

                Women should appreciate her birth. She should admire it. Every month the menses problem should be accepted by her. Then the patience and happiness in her will increase. But the women who hate her female birth as a curse to her and if she feels that if there is a chance then she will take male birth of freedom in her next birth.

                Stomach problems, breast cancer etc health problems are due to hating of female birth. So females should be taken care from their childhood as they are the source of power. Then they will be helpful to man that’s why behind every man there will be woman.

                Man should be explained about women from childhood. They should be taught that women should be always respected and admired. Husbands should appreciate women at least once and they should feel restriction less love and power of his wife.

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