Do you think that god answers to you when you are in some kind of confusion? I would say yes, for sure he answers it. If you think he would come to you personally in a form you have imagined him, then i would say it may be difficult. But he will definitely come to you in any form. You may not even know and he would have helped you out. He can come to you in form of stranger, relative, friend or any one you are close to or not so close to. It is said if you have clean heart and you intentionally do no wrong he would definitely help you. Here when I say intentionally not doing wrong means taking utmost care that no injustice or wrong has been done to anybody by you. Sometimes it so happens at we are at cross roads of life and don’t know what to do.

At such point of time what all we need to do:- 1. Leave everything on god. 2. Close your eyes and with pure heart, pray to him that you need his help. 3. Time and place are not important for prayer Is time and place important for prayer? :- You can be anywhere, even in bathroom!! Trust me, god does not take notice of the place where you are sitting and praying or calling him.What he would check is your heart and feelings behind your prayer. We have built temples, even small praying place at our homes, all that is fine. It is all for our satisfaction. Role of incense stick and lyrical bhajan lies in making you feel satisfied that you have passed your message to god. But if you have enough faith on him all this is immaterial. Make him your muse and ride of life would be very smooth. As one of the English songs goes “Jesus, take the wheel, I can’t do it on my own” , it is very much true that steering wheel of our life should be given to him.

We should not think that all that s there in our lives is because of our own self. No, that is not correct. Some of the signals that god gives you:- • Stranger/Relative- sometimes so happens that you may encounter someone you don’t know but you may meet person on that destined day and he may tell you something which carries answer for you. Though person may not know about your problem and still can help you in this way. • Music- sometimes it so happens that you may be listening to some song and you get solution to your dilemma from it. Lyrics have in it the answer to your questions. This is nothing but god’s way of answering. • Books- sometimes you may be reading a book or just flipping through its pages and you may come to a page or a definite paragraph where in lies your answer. You have to trust it.

 This is another way of god to answer you. • Silent whispers- our heart silently whispers and we have so many things going on in our mind all at the same time. And thus we fail to hear the whisper of our heart. Generally heart is 1st person to tell you what you should do. Your soul whispers through your heart and we fail to hear it. Best example of this is when you meet a new person, there is instant reaction in your mind wherein you like or dislike that person or when facing a difficult situation 1st thing that comes to your mind is silent whisper of your heart but we as intelligent species want to check all the options available and that is where we fail. Remember:- So next time when you are in some kind of confusion, do see to it that you are not ignoring any kind of signal that god is giving you. I am sure if you look at your problems with this new perspective you would find out a solution soon.

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