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Apart from the factors that are not in our hands, where we can do nothing but just pray, wait and  watch to fill our lives with happiness, there are certain steps that we can definitely take towardsa better life. Sadness and misfortune are always there waiting for you to open doors for them. If youlook out, there are 1001 endless ways to make your life a living hell. It depends on you whether you choose happiness or sadness in your life. Let’s have a look at what causes sorrow in this world and how can  we change the sad picture of our lives into a beautiful picture we are searching for.

Mind is a Magnet:- Our mind is like a magnet, it attracts happiness and sadness as per it’s wish.  Youhave to decide whether you control your mind or your mind controls you. If you are in control of your mind, there are ample no of causes that it would find to discard happiness from your life. So  when people blame god or destiny for their sorrows it is not completely right . your mind is magnet, it is a gene that fullfills your wish. So when you think of happiness, it automatically find’s it’s way into your life and vice-versa.your mind is like that faithful servant who would run and accomplish any task that you assign them. But it depends on you whether you want it to be your slave or you enjoy being slave to your mind.

I have a strong will-power:- A strong will power is result of strong mindset. It is said that if your will power is strong than there is nothing impossible for you. Toughest of tasks and worst of diseases  have been cured by willpower. Such is power of your mind. It is a powerhouse which lightens or your life if you know how to tackle it. Recipe for happy and successful life is spelt  by just two ingredients - 1-faith in god and 2- faith in yourself.

Nagging is my favourite pass time :-World is full of nagging people. And it definitely does not require the lost to go on anymore. So do not be part of that list. Nagging people believe that they are the best race present on earth and god has chosen them for fulfilling the task of spreading annoyance and anger in the world. So true to their tasks they work hard on making people angry, sad, annoyed and irritated. They push people to the limit where if the other person could, he would give a hard punch to them. They constantly keep nagging people by interfering in their lives and giving advices  to people which are unasked for.

I am looking for Saddistic  pleasure:-Please do not be one who derives sadistic pleasure by  hurting people. In such activity no one gains. At the end of all the one who causes hurt is the biggest  loser.tears in someone’s eyes because iof you would not lead you to any kind of happiness in your life. Sadistic pleasure is only for time being but that would leave a very bad impression in other’s mind and trust me what you sow,so shall you reap is not something only in textbooks,  it exists for real!!

An all time attention-seeker:-Don’t try to picture yourself as someone very important in other’s life. And for gaining such attention people can do anything. Blaming someone, being the cause of rift in any kind of relationship, you are not going to gain. For time being when people have to give you attention because of demand of time and situation, they would but in this process you would lose all the respect and love. The special place in people’s heart would be closed for you forever. If at all you want to be someone very important in other’s lives, be a shoulder to cry on, someone on whom one  can rely ,be it storm or flood. Maturity is such an important virtue for any relationship to survive and
 for any relationship to  breathe freedom and respect. Human mind is the most complex of  everything present on earth.

I have so much to expect:-There is no end to expectations but it is hard that every expectation would be fulfilled. So instead of looking at the glass half full, people focus on glass half –empty and this is where all the seeds of sorrow lie. When one expectation is fulfilled ,new expectation emerges and  list goes on and on. Some expectations do meet the desired ends but not all has that fate and so compromise has to be done.  Expectation is the root cause of every sorrow inthe world. People have  list of endless expectations.

Sikander, the great left this world with empty hands:-We should remember all that we earn and all  we have will be left here when we go from this world. Nothing comes with you. But the reputation that you have earned,love that you have spread will keep you alive in this world even when you are no more there. It is said that people will forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel. And just think of people you love and remember though you may not be able to see them
 but you love them and respect them. Harsh words can be forgotten, you can forgive a person for his bad  deeds or loose talks but you will never be able to forget how he or she made you feel because of his  deeds or talks.
It is your duty to love me  :  No, it is no one’s duty to love you unless you bind them with your love and care. It is true that when you expect someone to love you or respect you ,you have to first love  them and respect them for whoever he or she is. love begets love. Respect is never earned by mere  age factor. People may respect you for your age but real respect would be earned by your acts. Such respect is long lasting and is for real. So when you want respect, brush up your acts and take yourself to that stature where everyone will respect you and tat respect would be out of their choice.they would love you for who you are.

Give me the goodies I deserve:-  Appreciation is the key to happiness. When somebody does  something for you,do not fail to acknowledge it and appreciate it. However small a favour has been done to you,show gratitude. Everyone likes to be appreciated. And we are not talking of fake appreciation here, but appreciation of whatever has been done by somebody in your favour or in favour of world in general. Sometimes we take things very casually and feel that whatever favour has been done to us is out of obligation or respect or out of compulsion. But please stop yourself from thinking such nonsense. Nobody does anything for anybody out of compulsion or merely  respect. And even if it is done out of respect it won’t cost you to appreciate that and earn some more respect! And  god-forbid if it has been done out of compulsion ,you need to wake up and do something about it, trust me this won’t take you a long way. So instantly without wasting a second,  show love and appreciation for that favour, however big or small and for your own good turn that
 compulsion into respect immediately.

Listen to my sob story:- Be a person who exhales happiness wherever he goes. Inhale love and  exhale happiness should be mantra of your life. No one likes a crying baby. Imagine there is a person who whenever visits your house fills it with laughter and so much of love. And now imagine a person who whenever visits you,keeps on telling you sob stories and how sad he  is and what all stuggle he has been facing all his life. Close your eyes and tell me when would you be happy? When the person A visits you or when person B visits you. This is the reason why people say, laugh and the world  will laugh with you .weep and you weep alone.

I, Me and Myself:- Be a class in your ownself.  Try to be someone world would look upto and people  would love to follow and imitate the kind of life you are living. Instead of looking for ideals why not become one?  Wherever you go, you should have an aura which shall cover everyone present there  in it’s orbit. Right from your dressing to your speech to your behaviour, everything should depict your class and your level. You should show to the world how high class you are! And that is shown  only by being modest and humble. If you want people to look upto you, do not look down on anyone. Because when you have ego that can crush people down , know that that day is not far when your ego will be the reason for your downfall.

At the end i would like to say that you should use the power of your mind in creating happiness inyour life and in other's life. Amen.

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