There is no one in life who will have a smooth ride and will never encounter a situation where he would need to be strong enough to come out of the darkness that has clouded his life or life of someone near and dear to him. Generally till the unfortunate events happen to you or to someone near to you, you will always think that certain things in life can never happen with you. But when life shows it' ifs negative side to you, you are dumbfounded and are ignorant of what you should do to overcome this negativity in your life. Life is tough at times but your approach towards life decide the level of toughness for you. How you handle things will show your approach towards life and only you, yourself is your saviour. Whether you come out as a winner or fall apart in your life is decided by your attitude towards life.

So your attitude determines your life, your fate is what you make of it. When we face the hard times in life,  there are certain factors that help ease things for us.


Why have faith in God
When life is harsh on you, you need to be positive in your attitude and this can come only with faith in god. He is known as the super-power in the world and if you observe the events of your life, you will surely find his presence in them. We as humans are short-sighted but he knows what life hold for us. We should make him our guide and let his love and teachings show us the right path. When you have immense faith in him, he will never let you down. His grace will help you in your life, only requirement is faith in him. This faith will take you a long way and will show light to you when darkness overtakes your life.


Why have faith in yourself
When you have confidence in yourself you can overcome any problem of your life. Never lose your faith in yourself. Confidence in your ownself will take away all kinds of fears from you. A person who has confidence in himself in a winner anyways. One who does not lose faith in his ownself will find a way out of his problems. Your faith will show you the solutions to your problems. Confidence is what helps you win half the battle, when you give up on yourself, you lose every chance of emerging a winner.

When to keep patience
Patience is the keyword to solve any puzzle of life. Sometimes it so happens that when we encounter problems in our lives, we loose our patience. We want to get rid of our problems and so we apply every thing we think will solve our issue. But sometimes, it is necessary to keep patience and just wait and watch. Some issues need time to get resolved and all you need to do is give time to your problems to sort out. Time is the best solution for certain problems.

What is called Wisdom
There are certin matters in life which can only be resolved by wisdom. By showing your maturity and wisdom certain problems can easily be tackled. You need to show your maturity and compromise on ceratin factors and your problmes would just vanish away. Maturity is another name of wisdom. When maturity and experience are applied together, it is the wisdom that works magic.

How to take help of experienced
There are certain issues which need a touch of experience and you would find yourself free from your problems. Talk to people who have faced such similar situations and know how they tackled it, sometimes your solution is very near to you but because your mind is clouded by problems you fail to notice it. So it is better to study the experiences of people who have faced same kind of situation and apply any of their solutions that suit yout problem.

When it is time to share with friends and family
Many people don't like to share their problems with anyone. It is not that everyone would turn away their faces from you when you are in trouble. Talk to your close people. Sometimes sharing the problem has your solution. When you share your problem, you find yourself relaxed and a relaxed mind will definitely be more strong and will be able to find a solution more easily. Yes, talk it out with people who love yu and care for you. Ofcourse, this does not mean that you need to share your problems with everyone and be the topic of gossip and entertainement for public in general. No, never do that. Just let your emotions flow freely with your own people. Vent out the sad feelings of your heart.




Why Ignore certain issues
There are certain issues in your life which are better ignored. Let them be where they are and do your duties sincerely. Sometimes it so happens that tere are ceratin issues on which you have no control, othe rpeople are the reasons behind it. In such situations, all you need to do is ignore certain matters. This is because there are people who like to create problems for others and more you try to solve them, more you would find yourself going deeper into it. So it is better to ignore such issues and such people.


It is time to make happiness, the mantra of your life
When you embrace happiness, sadness runs away from you. All you need to do is keep a happy mind. Try seeing positive side of life. Do not be negative nor do give up ever on yourself or your life. Happiness attracts happiness. If you keep sobbing and having negative thoughts, it would be like encouraging nagativity in your life and more you think of your sorrows, you will be more sad. So try to be positive and attract positivity in your life.


Lastly, be surrounded by happy people
When you face tough time of your life, try and be around positive people in your life. Positive people will fill your mind with positivity and this will help you sort out most of your problems very easily. You should keep away from people who have negative attitude towards life. Such people give bigger form to small problems and this will only increase your problems. So keep away from them and gather more and more positive energy.


With these few helping points, I am sure you can resolve most of your problems. Have a beautiful life ahead.

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