English is a global language today. You can oppose it as much as you want. You can claim to be a strong nationalist and so you find it justified to oppose English as it was the language of our rulers. But if you conduct a practicality check on today's world you would know that without English it would be difficult for you to maintain your success. If you are a businessman than you would obviously want your business to go international. If you are doing job you would be very happy to know that you are offered job in foreign country and even if you love your country so much that you would never want to leave from here, you still would not deny the progress that you are looking for in your profession has much to do with your conversation skills. And English does add power to your conversation. So how would you rate your English speaking skills?


Here are some tips to improve your language


Add words to your vocabulary
Keep habit of reading one English newspaper daily and mark new words and the way they are used. When you find new words, check it in dictionary. Keep a small pocket dictionary with you. Whenever you read or hear new words do not forget to check it's meaning. This way you would expand your vocabulary. Being rich in vocabulary would sharpen your language skills.


Learn the right pronunciation
When you learn new language or when you want to be good at any language it is very important that you learn the right pronunciation. Every language has certain way to pronunce it's words and it is very important to know right pronunciation. Though a similar word may be pronunced differently in different countries you need to know the right pronunciation. UK English is classical English whereas USA has different approach towards English language.The spellings and pronunciation both differ in USA and UK.


Use new words
When you hear the meaning of new word do not hesitate to use it as much and as soon as you can. Because if you use new word then it would be imbibed in your memory forever. But if you don't use it, it may happen that the word fails to make a place for itself in your memory. So use it intentionally, find occasion for using it and do that as soon as you can. But ofcourse do not use it in wrong manner, use it where it is required. Wrongly used words are as good as misfitted pair of jeans which is of no use.


Read as much as you can
Read magazines, newspapers and anything that interests you but do take care to read quality articles. Reading increases your concentration, your memory power is sharpened and you learn more words of the language. Everyday new words are formed and used in routine life. So read books by good authors. And when you read, it is important to read aloud so that your confidence also increases.


Communicate in English with your friends
I agree that somethings are better communicated in mother tongue because certain emotions that are felt in our local language cannot be felt or expressed by any other language. But if you want to achieve the desired level in your language skills then you need to communicate in English. This way you will get to know the difficulties that you face while speaking the language. There is difference in reading and speaking language.


Work on it
Just by thinking to learn, you don't learn anything. You have to work on it, learn it and apply it. Theory can help you but without practical usage it would mean nothing. So reading English articles and then using them for your speech would help you gain more command over the language.


Play games that involve using this language
Solve puzzles and play games where you have to form new words this would give you chance to show off your newly gained knowledge and will help you sharpen your English language. So you would play and learn. This is called learning in a fun way.


Finally, the last step
However good you may become with English language, there are certain emotions that are felt only in our mother tongue. So never be embrassed to use your own language because however good others be, no one can be compared with your mother and the same goes for language. Your mother tongue is the language you were born with and English is the language you have learnt. So respect your mother tongue and the global language as well.


Good luck and Happy learning!

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