An optimist or pessimist who are you? An optimist is the one who finds ray of hope even in darkest hour of life. While a pessimist is the one who can find faults with the situation that would be perfectly okay for others. So what kind of characteristics you possess and how would you define your personality.

In tough situations
Optimist person has the ability to come out of life's worst situations. He can bring a worst event to a tolerable level. While a pessimist can make bad matters worst by showing a negative attitude towards life. Optimist knows how to handle situation and he easily comes out of it. Others around him would not even have slight idea of what he is going through because optimist person always wears a smile on face because he has the confidence that soon he would sail out of troubled waters. While a pessimist can turn a little hard situation into a toughest one, he keeps on assuming things which may never happen and he worries a lot instead of finding out a solution. If he is suffering from a minor problem, everyone around him would know and he would present the matter as if it was a serious issue.

Handling people
An optimist can handle difficult people very easily as he has the ability to find positive points even in a negative person. He sees the good that is there in the person, he very efficiently brings out the good character hidden somewhere in a negative personality. He can handle people who are irritating and have frustating attitude towards others. While a pessimist can make others run for their freedom. He can offend anybody by his negative thoughts and he can push the person to come up with the 'not so good' side of his nature.




Being successful in career
An optimist can easily win hearts of people and with his positive attitude he can achieve success in his career. With positive attitude,  he easily meets the deadlines given for his project, he can be a good team worker and manager. He can maintain peace at work and thus help company to achieve desired heights by encouraging team members. While an optimist can make it difficult to achieve a goal within stipulated time because he may create misunderstanding among people by his negative approach. Also it may become difficult for company to maintain peace at work place because people with negative attitude can create clashes between people.


Achieving impossible
An optimist can achieve what is called impossible. He can surpass all the obstacles and achieve what people may think difficult or impossible. An optimist has a never say quit attitude, he would never give up on his hopes and keeps on doing his duty with sincerity and knows that he would achieve the goals. While a pessimist though may work hard, somewhere in his heart he is not confident of the result and so his hope is also not high for his work. And this is why he works half heartedly as he is not sure of what he can achieve. A constant doubt makes him weak in his thoughts and deeds.


Having a social circle
An optimist has a wide social circle, he has many no of friends and people look upto him.  An optimist is not aloner as he is a happy person and has positive attitude towards life. He enjoys company of people and vice-versa because his positive attitude is liked by people, people would invite him to enjoy with them. While a pessimist has a very negative nature and thus he would indulge into fights and misunderstandings and thus would be a loner. People do not enjoy company of person with negative approach.


Harmony at home
An optimist will naturally keep harmony at home. He compromises if the need be and a little adjustement here and there can make a lot of difference. His family members would love him for his optimistic attitude. He maintains peace at home. He encourages his family to stay together with love and respect for eachother. He would not be stubborn. While a pessimist would not like to compromise at all. He sticks to his attitude and behaviour and would create disharmony and discomfort at home. Misunderstandings will be created by him and his family members also fight with eachother because of the negative enviornment that prevails at home.

Respect and Reputation
An optimist gains respect among his folks and scoiety. Because of the positive attitude he achieves good reputation in society. His advice would always be in a positive format and people would respect him for his deeds and the goals that he achieves because of positive attitude. Whenever somebody in family or friends would be sad and upset he would look upto an optimist person and try to gain from the positive vibration of an optimist. While a pessimist is not respected because of his negative talks and in this approach he hurts many people because of his negative attitude. People are scared to share their problems with such kind of person because of his negative approach towards life.

Gift to the coming generation
The best gift one can give to his next generation is of having a  positive attitude towards life. He teaches his children to be lively, enthusiastic and gives them gift of never give up attitude. This is the best gift because one can achieve much success merely because of his attitude. A pessimist gifts depression and sadness to his children and coming generation.



Thus, a major chunk of your prosperity, happiness and success depends on your attitude.

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