Cruelty on Nature

The most alarming issue that has been discussed in the contemporary world and needs great concern is cruelty on Nature. From a decade or more, people have understood the bad effects of nature, which is mainly caused due to their negligence from a long period. The consequences are presently seen and there is no hope of restoring the nature again. Human beings have often considered themselves as intellectuals and only breathing organisms on earth, which is not true. Due to this attitude they deliberately or sometime even unknowingly, damage many living organisms such as plants. According to research it is to be identified that every breathing beings have life, which are include plants. The unknown fact that most of the people should know is that plants have nervous system and circulatory system similar to other living beings, then how they are not alike from humans. It is misconception that they do not have life but one should understand that they cannot animate like animals and humans. Still if human beings fail to understand this fact, they are going to create more problems for themselves and environment. So, it is high time for humans to stop the outrageous acts towards nature for their own benefits.ClickHandler.ashx

Nature consist of many things not only plants and human beings are polluting them too. Nature includes things such as rivers, lakes, air and water sheds etc. It is believed that sea bed and river bed generally contain different minerals and plants. But now they are deposits of industrial wastes and drainage water. Air is been polluted due to smoke generated from vehicles, industries and many other sources. Sound pollution is another cause and military sonar buoys is another cause for sea animals to come up on shores. The toxic metals from the industrial wastes are not only polluting the water but are also killing the living beings beneath oceans. Nature ecosystem is been disturb due to deforestation of rainforests. There are many reasons for polluting the nature but is there a single solution to avoid the after effects of pollution.

If we observe keenly, our planet Earth is been destroyed gradually due to these acts and it is just not environment issue but also a matter of cruelty. When ecosystem is disturbed due to our negligence, simultaneously the life depending on the ecosystem is also been destroyed by us, which is prefer example of cruelty. Frequently, humans forget the facts that every living being will feel the pain and respecting the life of another living being is minimum necessity to be called as humans. People who argue that plants do not have life should know that trees migrate like birds. And if we consider movement of sunflower in the direction of sun, the fact that without life such thing is not possible will be clearly understood. The actions done by these plants should be treated as human reactions and they should be considered as living beings, which need good care rather than cruelty.

It is foolish to think that by hurting nature one has dominated it as nature will eventually come to state of balance when any harm in done and during this process the changes occurred is unbearable for humans. The changes take place in the shape of natural disasters such as sudden change in climate conditions, rise in infectious diseases, earthquakes etc. These disasters can completely remove the human race from the planet. However, it cannot be called as revenge of nature but a reflection of our cruelty towards it, which are disturbing us. The great thing about nature is it overcomes the cruelty and even returns to its full form after some years. For instance each uprooted tree will return back with the intervention of man after some year, rivers and lakes also refreshes themselves with fresh water even though human pollution them frequently.

To regain its position nature does not takes any help from mankind but mankind is incomplete without nature and they have to maintain balance with nature for survival. Eco-friendly system is to be followed for avoiding this un-intentional or intentional cruelty on nature. Go green by enjoying nature given product, and to enjoy them we should preserve nature by maintaining its balance.

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