Give and take

God has given us everything

When you eat a fruit and smell a flower, say in your heart; thank you, God.


Teacher gives you knowledge. You must give respect to your teacher.

Your parents take care on you

You are loving son.

Your mummy

Your daddy

Take care of you.

They give you food

They give you dress

They give you money

They love you

You love them

You must obey them



God has given you everything

Share some of these things

With the poor and with the friends


Ram and Akbar good friends

Ram poor

Akbar rich

Akbar always shares his toys and books with ram


They go to school together

They play game together

They read books together

They love each other

They two good friends

Love to share

Learn to love

Lear to share

If you like to share what others have,

You should also learn to share your things with others

When you learn to share,

You learn to love


Obeying rules

There is order in everything God made

The sun rises in east and sun sets in the west

The moon shines in the night and it guides the traveler at night


Winter come when it should come- cool

Summer comes only when is should- hot

It rains when it is time to rain- land dress green



Suppose the sun did not rise one day

There would be no day

There would be dark

Suppose the sun did not set one day

The heat would be unbearable


Season changes

Suppose the seasons did not change

The flowers and fruits and food grains would not grow

We know everything


For the world happiness according to a plan

This plan has been made by God


You also need a plan to live good on earth

That plan your parent teach you


Some rules

  • Do not throw rubbish on the road
  • Do not throw thins out of moving vehicles
  • Do not spit on the road
  • Walk on the left side of the road
  • Observe silence during prayers
  • Do not pluck flowers from public gardens and you school garden
  • Stand in a line at the bus stop
  • Follow the rules of the school
  • Read well
  • Play games
  • Sleep in time


*If we follow these rules, we can live nicely and proud on the earth.







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