It’s not that easy to make people happy as we don't know about the mood of others, some people becomes happy easily and some people may get irritated if we try hard to make them happy. I have seen people of different characters and sometime i have faced grudges when tried to make someone laugh by cracking jokes or by my humorous activities. I have listed few things which can make someone happy:

1. Smile: Your smile can make someone smile. Some people feel good to see someone smiling at them. Whenever I see even the strangers too it makes me happy. Smiles have the power to break the walls of indifference A smile given to the right person at the right time can effect anybody


2. Help them carry something: I do help people whenever i see a person outside not able to carry their things which really make them happy even i too feel good whenever i see someone helping me out to carry my things.

3. Send a thank you mail: Sending thank you mails make people happy. I always try to thank people on mails it just make relationship healthy with others and it does not take away anything from us.

4. Praise them publically: There are people in the society who become happy when they are praised by someone publically and who won't as everyone like to be praised by others. I really get happy my BOSS appreciate my work for something .It also motivates me do to things better also.

5.Listen to them: Most of the people don't like to listen to others but they try to make others listen to them but when you listen calmly to someone that really make than fellow happy he/she thinks that there is someone who listen to me. This happens with my wife she always like me to listen to her the moment i don't she gets angry. I think this is what is required in the relationship if you don't listen to your spouse he/she will definitely think that you don't have importance of the person in the life.


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6. Help them when they are in need: Of course helping people when they are in need definitely make them happy. People should try to help others as it gives them pleasure that there is someone whom they can find them in the difficult time. It’s the best thing one can do make their relationship better with others. Even if we help a stranger too it’s surely will make him/her happy and may come forward to help you too when you need him/her.


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7. Thank them for their job: There are plenty of people including me who are just hungry of being appreciated for motivation of course a thank note of BOSS is helpful for us to make us feel happy. Many of us give our best efforts when we are appreciated by our boss in happiness.

8. Spend time with them: People love to devote time with their loved ones i also feel happy when i devote my time with my kids and play with them.

There are few other things too which can make people happy like gift them flowers, call them and ask them how they are doing, invite them for dinner or lunch, hug them.


Finally is the acceptance. None of us are perfect, we all have some faults and just as we want others to accept theirs similarly people expect us to accept our faults too. Love is what matter the most love people they will definitely get happy to know that there is someone who love them.

I think these are enough reasons to make someone happy please try it with others may be you can make others happy too and ultimately can make yourself happy. I have tried many of the things and made others happy with my deeds and ultimately making me happy and satisfied too.

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