Chromotherapy - Color Therapy

Chromotherapy or Color Therapy is a complementary medicine and a form of healing. It deals with the use of light in order to balance the lack of energy in human body. It is believed that the whenever human body lacks the energy either on physical, mental or emotional levels, the use of light in the form of color helps to maintain and balance the energy.

Color are the wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy. The color we see through our eyes is the visible spectrum that is reflected back by the object. When all the colors meet together it results in white color. Hence white light is the indication of unity and oneness. The color has mood enhancing properties that helps to improve quality of life.

Chromotherapy has been used thousands of years back by ancient Egyptians who used the solarium rooms with different colored glasses. The sun would shine through the glasses onto the patients which provided relief from many complaints like stroke.

How Chromotherapy works?
According to the researchers, the specific color bring balances to our physical, emotional and mental levels.
Auric Color Wheel - The therapist ask the patients to stare at the center of auric color wheel which is kept 5 feet away in a room. The auric color may change due to many effects like emotional state or negative situations. The patient notices some differences which means the energy has become more harmonious.

auric color wheel          brain

What are the effects of color on body?
Following are some of the colors and their effect on the body.

  • Red Color - Red color provides warmth and energy and hence good for fatigue, cold and passive people. Red color stimulates the heart and blood circulation, it stimulates ovulation and menstruation, increases the sexual activity. The person who has aversion to red color indicates the hidden fears and rejections for himself.
  • Green Color - Green color is the indication of earth and nature. It has soothing and calming influence upon the mind and body. It has both energizing and soothing effects. It calms the nervous system, fights the depression, irritability and insomnia.
  • Yellow Color - Yellow color is related to nerve and nervous system. It helps to relieve the pain in nerves and strengthen the muscles. It purifies the blood and has cleansing effect. It helps in the digestion and food assimilation. It stimulates the happiness and strengthen the mind.
  • Blue Color - Blue color has anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effects. It soothes the inflammation of any kind, useful in fevers, high blood pressure and headaches. It soothes the strong emotions like anger, irritability and fights. It calms breathing and heart rate.
  • White Color - White color is the perfect color, it brings harmony in one's life. White color indicates purity, cleanliness and freshness. It rebalances the psychological and hormonal system who suffers from depression. It stimulates the production of serotonin which helps to regulate both sleep and nervous system.
  • Black Color - Black color symbolizes darkness, depression and sadness. Aversion to black color indicates that the person has unknown fear and fear of abuse of power. The person has desire to free from all kind of sadness and depression.                    colors

Practice of Chromotherapy                         
The trained therapist are aware of right color to use to heal the patients. This treatment is applied to the body in different ways to treat different illnesses. The above mentioned colors are used to treat the patient of particular disease.There are different ways of using these colors in the practice, they are -

  • Color Meditation - The therapist will ask you to meditate by looking at the particular color. Meditation helps to relax your mind and body. The color meditation forms the link between our body and inner vibrations which helps to balance the energy.
  • Color Breathing - Color breathing is a type of exercise which is done either by lying down or sitting position. The therapist will ask you to look at the most appealing color and you have to visualize it entering your body. This exercise creates positive impact on the body.
  • Direct color application - The new technology is direct application of color by torch to the affected parts. For example - If there is some pain in a particular muscle the torch emitting different light is directly applied at the strained muscle. The light posses the healing properties and reduces the muscular tension.


Hence the color combinations or colors are used as soothing agent to promote healing of mind and body.




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