Every one dreams and this is not the dreams I am talking about which we see while we are awake but the ones we see when sleeping. Even a person who is not mentally fit may dream. Therefore, never think that you do not dream because most of us do not have the ability to keep them in memory for long. In addition, to share a secret with you, even the animals do dream and that too like the human do. If you ever see a dog sliding on his paws while sleeping, you may consider that he is about to catch his pray in his dream. He even growls while doing this. Other animals are no exceptions, they too dream in their own ways and styles.

We only see someone we know
We may think that we saw some one whom we do not know but this is not the reality. We only see people in our dreams who we had met some times or the other but as we can not remember all of them that makes us think that we saw some strangers in our dreams besides the dreams are so short lived that we simply can not recognize every one in that short duration. The people we see in our dreams are the people who live in our sub-conscious and we want to meet them in our real life.

Sleep brings dreams- without fail
The dreams are inseparable parts of our sleep and they take us to far distances in our dreams, some times to totally unknown places. Some times, they make us believe that the happenings, which are taking place in our dreams, have happened with us in reality. Yes, the world of dreams is a strange world, some thing beyond description in simple words and some times too realistic to believe that we are in dreams. In fact, they are the basic thought that we feel in our real lives, they are simple reflections of our sub-conscious minds. Dreams are some thing common for all but some of us can remember them while some of us have not that good memory to keep them in our mind and forget them when we wakeup.

In fact dreaming is very ordinary part of our sleep. Different scientists and philosophers have different ways to describe them and have different opinion about them. The famous Greek philosopher Hippocrates had the opinion that during our sleep the soul goes out of our body and wanders all around to participate in those activities, which we see as dreams. And as per another learned one, Arastoo has described in his famous book ‘the history of animals’ that not only human being but animals too dream and dram like human, where they do take part in all kind of activities which suits them.

In olden times, they even started a campaign to understand the reality of dreams with different mediums and ways including trying to analyze them by way of making drawings of them using their creative ideas but that did not bring much success to them. They took them as messages sent to them by Gods indirectly through their dreams and gave up the whole project beyond that. Man can go any where in his dreams. (Photoby suny-copyright )

 Man cn_go_any_where

The relations and realities of dreams
I am amazed to see the coincidence of dreams and sometimes realities taking such a real shape that leaves us stunned. I have gone through few of these and never could solve the mystery of such dreams, which took shape word by word. Some times, you feel that you are participating in a musical concert to getup suddenly to find yourself awakened by a song on a TV set or a radio. Some other times while it is noisy while you are trying to have a nap, you find yourself in a dream full of noisy places.

Difference of dreams in between men and women
There is one thing, which you may find very interesting that while men dream the number of men is invariably greater in their dreams while the women have almost same number of males and females in their dreams. There are some more interesting facts about dreams of men that they find their dreams more aggressive compared to their female counterparts. And the most interesting fact about dreams are that if you feel that dreams are related to some particular incident then you are absolutely mistaken in that case. The dreams have a message, a symbolic message that we analyze according to our own ways.

The fact is we forget most of them
We generally forgot most of our dreams as soon as we get up. May be we cannot remember them for more than one to five minutes once we are awake. Some times, we think that we shall share our dreams with some one but surprisingly we cannot recall them even if we remember that we wanted to share them with our near and dear ones. By the time we reach to some one with whom we wish to share our dreams we find that we cannot even remember the topic of the dream despite our best effort to recall them.

Even blinds do dream
Yes, the blinds too dream as ordinary people do dream. There maybe some basic differences in between the dreams of persons who were born blind and the ones who lost their eyesight later in their life. The persons who lost their eyesight later may dream as ordinary persons do but the ones who were born blind dream according to their feelings, which they get according to happenings around or depending on touch and smells. They dream according to their surroundings and feelings.

Our feelings and dreams
Generally, we dream according to our feelings and way of thinking. You may find it surprising but the reality of life is that we have more negative feelings than positive ones and the negative ones take over the positive ones most of the times, which make us afraid while we sleep. These negative feelings are the root cause of bad dreams and people get nightmare due them. We generally see five to eight dreams every night and that happens with every one, every night. However, the fact is that the duration of these dreams is so small that we do not remember most of them while we wakeup.

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