Can we tell what the duration of the women as mother is? Because it’s a 24 hours job. There is no weekend, no holidays, no promotions, no increments, no retirement. If we can measure her effort and pay her with a garland of numbers.

You want your mother to cook food for you. The kheer which is prepared by mother will be tastier and when she feed us with her hands is ambrosia to us. We can train cheep chefs and chefs through our mother as our mother is an amazing cook.

            If someone settle our house that should be our mother only. Even interior designers cannot be equal to our mother. She knew which thing should be placed in which place. She can tell which color curtain suits according to the walls color.

            When mother gives us mental strength through her words then all problems will go. Washing clothes, cleaning house, Dish washing, shopping, bargaining vegetables, Plating hair to girl kids, combing hair to boy kids, dying husbands hair, applying bam to mother in law and more works are been performed by a mother only. After doing all these works, no one is entering into records. If mother is also a working then they will consider her salary only. If we think according to the economy then at the position of mother, her salary is zero (0). According to the human category, the position of mother is not a talent. This is really injustice. So let us calculate how much salary a mother should get paid. But that salary must be equal to the all the talented experts salary. We are not measuring the cost of mother. It is just a trial of love. How many times we say that Kohinoor diamond is so valuable and precious but no one understands about it. When we say that the value of Kohinoor diamond is 1000 crores then everyone will get interest to know about it. Sometimes by calculating the value, we can know the value of the thing or person. Even respect also increases. It may be 10 Rs chocolate or 100 Rs chocolate, there will be no difference in taste. So when we say to kid that we have bought 100rs chocolate for him then he will be happier. Now we are in the society where everything is measured by money. A small kid knows the value of currency then there is no need to say about adults. Instead of saying about the effort of the mother in words, It is better to say in numbers. Then only this generation people will understand the value of mother. This is the main intension to calculate the value of mother’s position. So main theme of this article is, the mothers should get good recognition. 

Let us calculate her value in different manner of her:   

Mother her baby for 9 months:


Mother completely keeps her life on her baby who is in her womb. At that time, she does not have her person interested things and if she has then she will leave those for the sake of her baby. She takes everything according to the necessity of her baby. She does which things are safe to her baby. She always keeps her hand on her stomach as a protect. Her mind will be always thinking about her baby. Even in her sleep she thinks about her baby. She enjoys and feels happy when the baby in her womb moves. Carry a baby for 9 months in a womb and giving birth is not a small thing. In this process there will be a lot of health problems. Hormones create a lot of problems. Though there are many hospitals and many doctors but delivery is a second birth to a women. Though everything is done perfectly then also its takes 1 year to get recover. That means it’s a effort of 2 years. Though she knows about all these problems then also she accepts this responsibility happily and gives birth to a baby. How much we should calculate the effort of mother for carrying us in her womb for 9 months? Can we compare her effort is equal to the software development salary? Can we pay the amount to her whom an IT professional demands for 2 years project? I won’t be enough. Completely hear we can calculate the amount for her is 25, 00,000Rs.

Work is her life:


When a wall hanging watch gets a doubt to how many hours it’s should sound then it should turn towards our mother. Before the sunrise, mother’s routine starts. At 6’oclock cleaning out the house and 6.30 brooming inside the house.  Cooking till 10’oclock, folding washed clothes and settling in the shelves. Taking rest at the afternoon for few minutes. Then settling book shelves. Cleaning the toys which are in showcase, cleaning bathroom, settling the newspapers, watering plants, changing curtains, settling beds, writing the list of the items and sending to ration shop, preparing things for breakfast for next day like preparing mixture for idly and all. Except in sleep, mother will be always busy. In the sleep also she thinks about the work only. But also there will be no tiredness looks in her face. If we ask her to do any other work then she won’t get any frustration. If we say that she did not do the work well then she won’t feel bad and if we won’t appreciate her then also she won’t feel bad. According to the labor law, a employee should not work more than 8 hours. If we made them work more than 9 hours then we should pay them extra. There is no holiday for mother on Sundays and if festivals come then there will be more work for her. So by this we can say, our mother alone doing work of 4 people. So can calculate her effort as 10,000Rs per month.

Mother is a person who fulfills our hunger – she is like Goddess Annapoornadevi:


Mother knows when her baby or child will have hunger. She knows when her baby or child’s stomach gets full. She tells her what taste is by feeding us with good food which she prepares. She teaches us how to take food. While cooking she take a lot of care, she think that her child cannot eat more chilly food, if little salt is more child won’t interest to have it, her child likes to have sambar rice. Then she serve her children, but she serve not only food she serve them her heart. She should cook food by keeping the favorites of everyone in her family. Early morning she prepare, tea, coffee, tea, horlicks, bornvita, then breakfast, at afternoon lunch, then at evening snacks, at night again meals. So if the same items prepared by chef in a five star hotel then they will get paid 1, 00,000Rs. So mother should get paid for cooking and serving us with Rs 1, 00,000.

Chief executive officer:


If we imagine our house as a corporate company then father is a chairman and managing director, children are board of directors, mother is chief executive officer. If there are any issues then she present those at dining table. Then she plans in such a way that the decisions taken over the dining table other members should be implemented. She estimates monthly budget, by sharing the money expenses for vegetables, milk, rice, telephone bill, current bill and more. She keeps on observing economy that is where the money is getting wasted and where money needs to spend. She tries to save some money. If she find any of the member going in wrong way in life and she scolds that member sweetly, then she explains everything to that person and make that person go good way. Mother does everything according to the member and like that she takes action. She knows what kind of discipline should be given to the people. Sometimes she threats by her eyes. But for some times she will be calm. She serves guests without any hesitation. She helps people very well. What not, she do a lot of things to get a good name to her family. Though she is a chief executive officer but she acts as a chief finance officer, chief accounts officer, and chief marketing officer etc responsibilities are been taken up by mother. So by this we can say that mother should be paid same amount of given to a talented and expert in a big company all over the world.

Personality Development:


We see a psychologist in our mother. She always guides us about life and goal. She tells us about the successful people who are educated well and now in high position. She is a good motivator. When we feel bad that we got 5marks less in a subject, then she makes our mind strong and improves confidence in us by saying that don’t worry you will surely get 100 marks in the next term exams. She encourages us very much. When we feel that the answers we have given in the interview are not much correct and we may not get selected then she tell us don’t worry if this does not select, some other company will take you. Mother as a personality developer we can pay her 5000RS per month.



Mother becomes teacher when she make saraswathi puja (Aksharabyasam) in temple.She train her child well with all rhymes and alphabets. When the child began to go to college then she becomes a teacher. She make us complete our homework. She guide us to improve our hand writing. She clears our doubts. If necessary then to speak with the children in English, she go to spoken English classes. According to the growth of the children mothers responsibilities increases. While children are studying for big exams then she also sits with them by reading some book. In the middle she serve them with milk or any drink so that children get relief from tiredness and study well. While studying at mid night if we sleep in the middle then she takes the books from our hands and settle them, she spread bed sheet on us and off the light. Early morning she wake 15 minutes before of her dailywaking time and she prepare everything ready for her children who is going to exam. Even for Einstein also mother is the first teacher. Though mother is a well educated or not educated but she tries to make her child know everything. The lessons though by mother will be remained in our mind. How much salary we should pay to the teacher in the mother.By estimation 5000RS per month.

Great ambassador:


She tells us that she will talk to father. So we can sleep happily without any worry. Mother conveniences father. Mother tries to know what is there in the children mind. She sacrifices her interests for the sake of children. She is a good mediator. She can differentiate what is good and what is bad. From coriander leaves to diamond necklace she bargains very well. She can estimate the value of the thing in front of her and in the same way she can study the mind of the person also very well. If we send her as Indian ambassador to Pakistan then in a month all the problems gets solve. For such person there are many companies who are searching for. So estimate how much fee we should pay for her as she act as ambassador. So finally the estimation is 1, 00,000RS.

Grandmother from both mother side and father side:

Children get settle in jobs and businesses. They even get married. Husband gets retired. If she is a working woman then she resigns her job. But for the mothers responsibility there is no retirement. As a grandmother she takes the responsibility of her grand children. She feeds her grand children with her hands. This is the second chapter of mother. She balances her health and even looks after her grand children well. If the children mother is a working woman then the grandmother only will be the mothers to her grand children until their mother come from office. Though you pay a lot of money and join your kid in the crush but they won’t such a protection which a grandmother gives.

            In America they are giving ads that they need a good grandmother to look after their children. They are saying that they will provide shelter, food and 25 to 30 thousand Rs as salary. So by this we can say that even in dollars country also there are a lot of jobs for mother. Totally, the mothers earning is more than the earning of big companies. By writing the name of our mother on the check and writing the number is not over. We should even give her bonus. Because she not only cooks the food she serves the food to us with love. We may pay her for giving birth to us but we need to give her bonus for sharing blood to us.  We may pay her for being our tuition teacher but we need to give her bonus for developing our mind. After calculating the total bonus will be Rs100000000000000000000000000000000. There may be people who can purchase the world and we can measure the universe. But the value of mother increase 1000times than that because mother will be at the back of these people and make them go forward.

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