Starting time of Romance

The teenage is the starting time of romance for several people. This time we are very much attracted by the opposite sex. These age teenagers are attracted by the people they may already know or attracted by the people whom they meet for the first time. This is called love at first sight. This feelings is different from friendship. Because it consists of sexual feelings also. So it is different from friendship. People who are in love continuously watching the lover’s activity. What they are doing. When they are coming. When they are going. All they know very well. Their thinking is always about their lovers. Some may understand the infatuation as love and made several mistakes and take wrong decisions also. After that they realize that but that time they can’t change anything. Some people loss their studies and some may lose their jobs.


Romance and fun

People in romance is very happy ever before. They wish to watch movies with her/his lover. They wish to go parties together. They wish to see daily. For some people it is the starting time of long term relationships. Sometimes problem arises in love. It is something is the reason of ending the relationship. Ego is the main reason for some people ending their relations.


Success of love

If love is ends in a marriage then it is the success of love. This is the happy ending. 50% of lovers are very strongly in love and succeed in their love. When they are in love they won’t listen the words of parents and elders. They think what they are doing is right. They are having the strong emotions when they are in love. Some may very blind in love and they wont try to know the character of the lover. Love is hiding their eyes that time. After marriage they come to know all the characters of the lover and suffers if he/she have any bad characters.


 love image

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