How would you feel on a day when you have had sleep at all? Tell your partner how you would feel. How long do you keep awake at nigh? You spend about one third of your life sleeping. Sleep in essential to your health. If you do not get enough sleep you tend to be irritable and less efficient. What happens to the body during sleep? Does everybody sleep? Does everybody dream?

Understand about dreams

Some people think they seldom dream. Others believe they never dream. Studies of human sleep have shown, though, that everyone dreams almost every night. If some people think don’t dream, it might be because they don’t remember their dreams when they wake up in the morning. Some people remember dreams better than others do. Scientists don’t know why this is so. But dreaming seems to be pert of the usual pattern of life.

Dream periods usually begin after an hour or an hour and half of sleep. They continue for about ten minutes, and then stop. They start again several times a night at about ninety – minute intervals. People dream is about one or two hours altogether during the night. The largest amount of dreaming takes place during the last period of sleep. Dream episodes are longest –up to thirty minutes or more then.

Events that happen in most dreams take about the same amount of time as if you were awake. Suppose you dream you are eating piazza or writing a note to a friend. The dream would take abut as long as the actual performance of the activity.

The need to dream

Not only does everyone dream, it seems that people need to dream why? Some experts think that dreams show unconscious whishes. Some others believe that we try to solve our problems in dreams. Many also think that we dream about what was happened to us recently.

Scientists are not certain, however, whether it is the dream or the kind of sleep that goes with dreaming that is more important. This kind of sleep is remarkable.

Researchers tried waking volunteers as soon as they started dreaming. When allowed to go back to sleep, the volunteers started dreaming right away. This test was respected several times. The researchers had dreaming. When at last they could sleep without disturbance, the volunteering made up all the dream time they had lost.

How much sleep you need?

How much sleep you need is an individual matter. It can best be decided by seeing how well you get along on the amount of sleep you get. Missing your usual amount of sleep for one night is not serious. But missing an our so of sleep night after night can affect your efficiency. You need sleep to stay mentally alert and physically healthy. Sleep is the nearest thing the body gets to complete rest. The body does some work during sleep. But most of its activities are slowed down. Many people feel sleepy for a while after they get up in the morning. If you don’t feel rested about an hour after getting up, or if you have trouble staying alert in school., you probably need more sleep. Some things encourage sleep at night. For example, a warm bath might relax you. A glass of milk may help.




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