PhotoBucket : A Tutorial on How to Use Photobucket to make your artical beautiful


Dear Friends,
This tutorial will help you to add photos on any website or any where .If you will follow this method then it will reduce your time
for posting article with pictures.So,you will take less time to prepare the article and also it will look very good.

To use photo's or images in any article ,follow the below method .

1. Go to and create your account.

2. upload the picture which you want to display in your post.

3. You can upload multiple photos in a single click.

4. After Uploading the photo's in your account ,it will look like as it is in the below screenshot:


When you will move your mouse over the image,it will pop-up a code window where you will get 4 types of code which you can use in four    different type of websites.

So,depending on the website ,take the code from that popup window and paste where you want to display that particular photo.

What are the plus point of Benefit of using Photobucket :

Suppose you have added some picture one month back in your post and you want to add some text in that image then it that case it will really
help you.Go to photobucket account ,navigate to that picture and click on edit. After clicking you can do these following action which will later
automatically get changed with the new one in your old post.

1. You can change the dimension of your photos..

2. You can insert any text in any design.

3. In photobucket,there is a option for adding glitters also to your images.

4. You can add some great effects to your post.

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Thank you.

Pankaj Gupta

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