We must keep our fish and aquarium clean and and this look great. Just like a human being, it also demands regular maintenance. We must keep a cleaning device and perform regular changes in water. It keeps the aquarium in a healthy condition.

There are many types of aquarium some needs weekly change in water whereas some demands monthly changes in water.

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There are 12 ideal way to keep an aquarium in ideal condition.

freshwater aquarium parts

1. Keep fish in healthy condition

Keep your eyes on your fish on a regular basis. Suppose that they looks simple and use to swim around each other and if they hide themselves from you then it means that there is a some problem going on. Just check them. There is some symptom which indicates that it looks in bad condition.

  1. Eyes are not clear.
  2. Take breathe heavily.
  3. Looks their fins and if there are not any chunks missing.
  4. To watch your fish just take a magnifying glass and looks our fish by this glass.

2. Testing of water must be done on a regular basis

There is an aquarium test tool in the market. Use that tool for testing nitrate,ammonia,hydrometer to test its specific salinity.Specific gravity must be   between range of 1.020 and 1.026.Try to fix ph value between the range of 8.2 and 8.4.You must retain a value of ammonia as well as nitrite accurately on Zero.Nitrate value should keep below 45mg/l to keep your fish in healthy condition.Nitrate value should keep much below 10mg/l specially forcoral and invertebrates.If you want to keep  nitrates in balanced quantity then you must regulary change your water.The temperature of the aquarium must keep in between the range of 75 degree 80 degree.

3. Remove bacteria, algae from inner of glass

It is better to clean all type of algae that stick on the wall of the glass and inside the water. If you want to use an algae pad, use that pad on algae magnet. With the help of this algae pad you can easily remove all algae from aquariums. You can use a standard magnet to remove a soft algae. If you want to remove hard algae then you may need a scraper along with a blade made of metal. You can use a razor blade that can be applied on your aquarium but not use it on a silicone seals.

4. Let us clean Decoration items and rocks

Suppose that you use an aquarium then you must use a different item for decoration. Clean them on a regular basis. This is best that you remove it from the water and then clean it. You must use a brush to clean rocks used in aquariums.

5. Vacuum the Substrate and then restore water

The aquarium has two parts. one part is known as  siphon and other part is a bucket. These two parts connect with each other. At first you need to use a tool such as gravel vacuum. By using such tool you need to remove accumulated detritus, purify sand and remove water from the aquarium. You can vacuum the substrate particle as much as you can remove it.

Suppose that the flow of water is very quick at that moment you can slow down the flow of water by using a flexible tubing. Must notice the total amount of water to be removed. You can remove water option to 20% of water weekly and 30% of water in every year.

It must be kept in mind to remove the plug of the heater at the time of changing water.

6.use salt water in your aquarium

Remove all dirty water from the aquarium that is stored in a bucket and  then fill clean water in the bucket of aquarium. Just adjust the temperature of the aquarium after removing dirty water. Check the water for its specific gravity and buy standard salt and then mix this salt in the bucket of the aquarium. When the salt is properly dissolved in water, check the water for its specific gravity. Suppose that Still the specific gravity is quite low, you can increase the water specific gravity by adding some slow in that water.

7. Now check Bucket water and add buffers and Conditioners

After the testing of the water specific gravity check the pH and then add buffers if the water specific gravity is better. And after performing this step it is time to add conditioners to the water bucket.

8. If you like to place a new Filter Media

Your first duty is that you have to clean all parts of the Filter media. These parts are as pads, filter socks, cartridges and foam. If this part is damaged then you need to replace that place. It can be clean by using a running water. The advantages of using a tap water it will kill all the bacteria found in that aquarium. These tap water is rich with chlorine. It is good advice to you just remove carbon filter and place another one.

9. Clean the protein Skimmer and related equipment

Remove the dirty water and clean skimmer that is located in the skimmer protein cup. Now clean this cup with the help of a bottle brush. It is good to note that all equipment work properly and it is important to take all equipment apart from it and then clean it properly. Use a soft brush to clean a power head quickly and separately. It can be done at the interval of 2-4 months. In every month you take a protein skimmers and clean them nicely.

10. At least clean the outer glass of the aquarium

Now you can clean the outer portion of the glass with the help of a plain water, soft cloth and aquarium glass cleaner. clean the outer and the inner surface of the glass or even a stand. You can use the Salt creep that can be wiped off with the help of a towel. Do not use larger amount of Salt Crep.


This article contain all the detail about the fish aquarium and way to contain them our fish aquarium in a healthy and good condition.If you like it use these tips in your aquarium. 

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