Owning a house is one of my many goals in life and I hope it is yours too. Most of us, especially middle class people, work hard all through our life only to realise our dream of building an own house. When we buy or build a house, we hope to lead a happy and prosperous life there with our family. However, just the beauty of the house will not make it a good place to live. Our ancestors have formulated some rules that are to be followed while building a house. It is called 'Vaasthu Sastra'. Our ancestors had formulated the vaasthu rules only after long years of research. Though many people don't believe in 'Vaasthu', it is true that a house with a good vaasthu increases the wealth and happiness of its members manifold. 

Let us look at some of the most common vaasthu rules.

The Main Entrance and Living Hall

The main entrance of a house must be in the north-east of a house. Make sure that this corner is well ventilated because, the north-east is considered to be very auspicious. Never construct toilets here. The north-east direction is for water. So, water sumps and bore wells should be constructed in this corner of the plot.


The best place to build a bedroom is the south-west corner of the house. The south-west direction is for wealth. Therefore, you can keep your bureau in the south-west corner of the south-west bedroom. Keep as much weight as possible in this corner. It will help to increase your wealth and prosperity. 

The south-west corner of the house (both inside and outside the house) must be a little raised than the other corners. Nothing wrong if the whole floor of the house is on the same level, but the south-west corner must never be lower than the other corners.

The second best place to construct a bedroom is the north-west corner. While building a two-bedroom house, you can have bedrooms in these two corners.


The south-east corner is the best place for a kitchen. The south-east corner is for 'agni' (heat) and so, never build bedrooms in this corner. The second best place for constructing a kitchen is the north-west corner.

Bathroom & Toilet

North-west corner is the most preferred place to construct bathrooms and toilets. Never build a toilet in the north-east and south-west corner of the house. If you are going to have an attached bathroom in the bedroom, construct it in the north-west corner of the room.

Pooja Room

You can have the pooja room anywhere in the house. However, the pooja room should be east-facing. 

Septic Tank

The septic tank must be in or near the north-west corner of the plot.

Never plant trees in the north-east and south-west corners of the plot. According to vaasthu sastra, growing trees in these corners will create obstacles in one's career development.

I have give you only some of the basic rules of vaasthu. Keep these in mind while building or buying a house. If you want to know more about vaasthu sastra, consult a vaasthu expert. Nevertheless, make sure that the person has excellent knowledge about vaasthu sastra. My hearty wishes to all those who are trying or striving hard to build an own house! Build a perfect house and lead a happy and peaceful life.

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