Happiness is having good friends,

Who will help you right to the end happiness is hiding behind the door,

And finding a rupee on the floor,

Happiness is a sunny day, when children can go our and play,

Happiness is having something to share, an apple and orange or a nice fresh pear.

Goodness from the happiness is real satisfied.

Good and kind

A good and kind heart is filled with happiness. Happiness is a good feeling inside you. Happiness is that feeling you have after has done a good deed.

God there is certain rules that we must follow. So when a child asks herself ``Why must I be good?’’ or ``Why must I do my home-work?’’ the answer is that by ding these things, you get closer to God, who alone is happiness and can give real happiness.

Here is an article to show you how little Savita pleased God and made an old woman and herself very happy.


Two little girls were going for a walk. On the way they saw an old, lame woman way a cane in her hand, trying to cross the road.

Savita’s friend Veena was very naughty and tried to make Savita tease the old lady, by pulling the cane out of her hand.

Now Savita was always told by her mother and teacher to be kind to everyo0ne, because kindness not only pleases God but also makes one is very happy. So she told Veena that she would do wrong by being rude and unkind to the old lady.

Both the girls then walked up to the old lady gave her little money and helped her to cross the road.

God was pleased with both of them. Savita’s mother was happy because Savita made her naughty friend do something good.

When you are happy you make the society, the nation and the world around you happy. You spread the happiness to everyone. In the same way if you are spread the sadness to everyone.




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