Don’t sit lazy, do something, read, write any one.

In idle minds the devils play,

Making you waste each precious day,

So fill your time, each hour, each day, with work and games and song and play.

Idle children, dull in class, waste their time and fill their heads with things that are not good; they do wrong and displease God. Idleness leads to laziness.


Ant always in the work, it is in food storing.

Bee always in the work, it is making honey.

Why idleness in the man.

Girls help in your mother work.

Boys help your father work.


Risk work

He is a school bus driver. His duty is reaching the students with safe to school and to their houses.

He is a night watch man. His duty is watching with out sleep.


In the class we sometimes find a child who is clever, but does not study, because he wants to waste his time. Such a child does not make use of his body or mind. He makes God very sad by not making good use of his time.

Children, always remember that time is a very precious gift God has given us. Do not waste your time, not even a minute is devil’s work shop.

Please and thank God always, by making good use of the wonderful gift of time that he has given us.

Lazy children never do their work. They trouble others due to their laziness.

They not only waste their time but also others time. Lazy children need someone to help them in work; as they cannot do their work on their own.

Do work hard, Result will be there.

Read very well, remarks will be there.

Do unities work in a factory, more profits will be there.

So, under stand, more benefits from the work. No use from the idleness, time waste and lazy to man.






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