Reading has always given me the thrill of learning something new. As a child, I started with story-books;however, this habit did deteriorate while I was in school. In college I was forced to read. Being a management student meant that you had to be updated with case studies and market trends. I wasn't keen on reading then as well. It was until I started working and found myself lacking in information is when I started reading again and I did find the lost joy at last.

I have come across numerous articles, write-ups, stories , theories etc.Especially things people write about life and living interests me more. Blogging is also such a joy to read when opinions are written with passion and responsibility. It all seems interesting and many a times when viewpoints are presented, I am compelled to imagine what experiences would have led the author to have come to such conclusion. Words- they are such a powerful medium to imprint the thoughts of one person into the mind of millions. Such power is often misused.

However, I am pained as well when I see articles written with these same words recklessly written to describe views. Many write-ups that I have come across have opinions generated through painful experiences which have eaten up hope in the life of so many.If you go to blogs and read , you would find so much of frustration,  criticism and negativity filled in their articles about how pointless life is , how there can be no change, how there is no one to trust on, how hurt they are on some incident?

In fact, I was reading 'Femina' where an many pages were dedicated to witty yet sarcastic comments mentioned by our generation for the government and themselves.Moreover, I came across an article named 'Life Sucks' at this site and was amazed to see how someone's perspective can be so strong opinionated and negative about life itself. I didn't read the article though, the title said it all.

I have a question to ask all my friends out there reading this, if life is so bad to live, what have you done to make it better? We often see our generation craving to experience a change: change in the system, change in families, change in lifestyle.What are we doing to bring in that change.

You see change is a desired state ; however it takes immense effort to attain it. Changing one's hateful perspective to a loving one, a negative attitude to a positive one, a closed personality to an open one,a selfish attitude to a generous one; it all takes huge courage and a lot of determination.But how can this change occur if all you have is a defeated and negative take on life.

Recently at Easter, I had the opportunity to see "The Passion Of Christ". The simple message from the Bible is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God was crucified on the cross for the sins of mankind so that we all can enjoy eternal life with God,Our Father in heaven if we choose to believe Jesus was His Son and accept Him personally to save us.

Jesus says, "..I have come they (everyone) may have life, and have it in abundance" John 10: 10. It clearly means that the life given to us is for some purpose, some reason and I am sure the reason is not to just cry over spilled milk or over the distant future.I truly believe that yet I was just thinking, Lord, the same man you created and choose to die for, actually does not appreciate the life you gave him (or her).Life for many is some ill-fated journey that just has to go on and on with no good ending.

Friends, it's high time we change our perceptive on life. Nothing good can come out by just being critical and judgmental. For you, life might not be a joy-ride. But ask a parent who has lost their child in war or to some tragedy, ask an orphan who craves parents , ask a person who has lost a loved one, ask them the value of life.

We have one life, whether you like it or  not. We have to live it with whatever belief system we choose. We will be judged according to our belief one day when the question would be what have you done with your life? Have you brought a good change or did you just pout over the fact that life was not all cut out to be what it was? What did you do with your life? How did you spend your time?

Trust me, life is not short, it is very very long and the more crass we are to the opportunities we get, we are losing the great potential which God has blessed us with to bring a change.I write this article with the aim to make you understand that there is only one life to live and we have to choose what we believe in? We have to understand the price God had paid so that we can enjoy this free will to choose.And now that you have the free will;choose wisely, because life is nothing but short and you will have to live with the consequences of the choices you make! 

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