Writing is a very good skill. Not all can become good writers. Many have capability to write.  Many make article writing their profession. There are many steps to write a good article. I am explaining some of the steps of writing good article.

Step 1

The professional writers always keep the content good. After all, they think it is their job. Professional writers always follow their clients request and then they study on the topic and after that select the important points from the article, which is on, request by their client and then go for it to write.

Step 2

While anyone wants to write an article for his or her own then one should choose a suitable topic, which must benefit the reader. Think about the topic, what you will write about it and in what way you will present the article in front of the reader. The presentation must attract the reader. One must decide that the article should be purely for the education purpose. Then it is necessary to look after the length of the article.

Next is the idea one often confused about the ideas, thought which should make the article good. It is necessary to decide first about the topic then look after the thought and provide suitable title for the article, which need lot of effort.

Finally after collecting all the information about the article it is necessary for the writer to go through the article and look after the ideas and then execute those ideas.

Step 3

It is very necessary to look after the needs of the readers. A writer must select some topic, which the reader must not have read it earlier. This will create interest in the reader and will be a great benefit for the writer.

Step 4

Sometime the writer select some suitable topic but he/she will not have any idea about the topic. They then feel very confused what to write about the topic. It is very necessary for the writer to have proper knowledge about the topic they are going to write. Therefore, to get the ideas they take the help of the internet and collect the information from there. They do proper research about the selected topic, which helps them to write and present a good article in front of the reader. Research help to educate the writer about the particular topic. So now, Google search engine is very helpful to search for anything and various other informative sites are available from where one could get many ideas, which are unknown to them. They just take the ideas from the internet, execute it in their own words and present the articles in front of the readers, as copying the same article will lose the readers interest.

Step 5

Before writing an article, one must keep in mind about the outline of the article, which covers some important point in detail. To put focus on the important point is a great way of the purpose of the article. Every good writer to write a good and presentable article and not any such article, which has no value, follow this trick.

Step 6

While writing an article it is important to know for every writer, that article should begin with an introduction. Then the article should have the body and ends with the conclusion. In the introduction the brief description of the article which help the reader to get idea about the article. The body of the article should contain the description of the article and different points and valuable information for the readers about the topic, which the readers expect from the writers. In the conclusion, the short summary of the entire article should be written which help the reader to get the article in a very short way.

Step 7

When the article is completed, it is very much essential for the writer to go through the article thoroughly which help them to make sure that the article they have written is good, there is no such silly mistake and the article is suitable for the reader. So before the article to be published it is the duty of the writer to read aloud the article in their own which help them to detect about the spellings, words, grammatical mistakes. If the writer finds any such mistakes, they again rectify it until they are fully satisfied with the article. It is necessary to read aloud the article as most of the time the spell checker in the computer is unable to find the spelling error.

So a professional writer who writes article for some magazine, newspaper, in net an don some other popular books follow all the above steps and thus became a good writer. If a person who is not a professional writer but wants to become so in future follow the above steps then surely one day will come when they will become a good writer and everyone will love to read their writings.

Some tips of writing good article.

1. Before writing an article one must ask few question in their mind About the article as who, why, where, how, when and what. If these question answer are sort out then one can write good article.

2. Once the article is completed it is necessary to check the grammar and the spelling. A suitable keyword should be given which will help the reader to find through Google search engine.

3. Do not use too many keywords so that the article does not lose its value.

4. Do not forget to use the bullet markings whenever you mention some useful points or use any such informative headings. If necessary highlight the informative words which is easily caught hold in reader's eye. A well-written article always attracts the readers to read it.

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