People who are more interested in finding out the faults of others. They would not have an issue with their grievances.They do not realize if others are doing well. When talking about someone, they did not examine about them. They simply release the comments on their own. This is not at all good. Good performer should definitely affect by this comments. Abusive criticism, of course, affects someone.Criticism prevents operation. We need to find out the real reason. Good discipline is expressed in words. Words revealed the evil morals.

The reason for this is due to the tongue.The tongue is the origin of words.A number of sins that can be created by our tongue. If we have got little time or if you met two people then we start talking about others. For some people head to explode if they are not talking about others. Some of us don't think about how much it will affect others. The number of families has deteriorated by criticised words.But we did not stop talking about others. It is a wrong attitude. Despite claims vary depending on the circumstances.

People those who always finding the fault with the others simply hide or blind their own faults. It is the attitude of the common man. There are variety of reasons for finding fault on others. Despite claims will creat hostility and hatred.Motivation of finding fault on others is jealousy. The jealousy always seeking for other peoples imperfections. They used to share about the imperfections to others like neighbours, collegues and friends. They got the mental satisfaction by doing this. Big reason for finding faults on others is insecurity. Finding fault on others giving relief to us and makes us feeling better about themselves. Those who love themselves with good self-esteem, will find the good in other people.

When we love ourselves at the highest level, to stop the habit of finding fault with others. We would improve the love of oneself and others is the better solution. Self-love also the better medicine. Paying interest on your own work will decrease the interest on others. Focusing on positive things will create positive vibration. Well-functioning of others will create jealousy.Fault finding increasing the distance between ourself and others.

Ways to reduce the Despite claims

1. Learn to appreciate good things
2. Do not hurt the others by your despite claims
3. Try to find out your own mistakes.
4. Hurting the body and mind is not virtue. Learn what is discipline or virtue.
5. Focus the attention on good things
6. Introspection is the good way for reducing despite claims
7. Pay more attention to your work
8. Search for the good in others  
9. Despite claims can spoil the friendship

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