Often it so happens that during rainy season salt in the containers get damp and become unusable. Walls of your house get dirtied by crayons or something. Roti or Indian bread is not as soft as you have expected it to be. In this article I am going to share some simple tips that can help you in your daily life, without spending too much.

Tip #1

To keep salt from absorbing moisture during rainy season, keep some rice granules in the salt container at the base and then fill in the salt in it. Try it once and you won’t be disappointed.

Tip # 2

Often we see residue oil is left over in the pan after cooking; when we try to reuse the same oil, water droplets might be formed, in such a case, sprinkle a little table salt to avoid oil to splutter out of pan.

Tip # 3

If you want to eat extra soft Indian bread better known as roti, mix some amount of milk while preparing the dough instead of mixing only water. This enhances the quality of the rotis to some extent and keeps it soft even when not consumed immediately.

Tip # 4

We often cut apples and the cut apples turn brown if not consumed immediately. Well, we can save it from turning brown for a short period of time. When you cut the apples cut it in such a way that it can be gathered back as a whole apple, just as it looked before getting cut into slices. Now place a rubber band around the cut apple to keep it from turning brown. Note that you cannot consume it the next day but you can keep it fresh for few hours.

Tip # 5

Well if you are a mother of a baby girl, you will understand, when your little girl wants to get her toes painted, chances are that she will spill the nail paint on the floor. In such a case, all you need to do is to wipe it immediately using a nail polish remover. Pour a generous amount of nail polish remover on the areas with the mess, allow the remover to sit for a minute or two. Then wipe it up using paper towels. When the area is almost clean, you can take some warm soapy water to clean it again to remove any leftover stain.

Tip # 6

Banana is one fruit which gets rotten as soon as you bring it within a day or so. To keep the freshness of banana intact, hang the bunch of banana in a string or thin rope tied across a room and it will remain fresh for some more time.

Tip # 7

Peeling garlic can be a painful activity. Although we get peeled garlic in super markets these days, fresh garlic is something which tastes totally different. So, what you can do to make peeling a less painful activity? You can put the garlic bulbs in warm water. Keep the garlic bulbs for about five to seven minutes and then the peels of garlic come off easily. This makes my job really easy!

Tip # 8

Biscuits if kept open can become soft and later become unsuitable for consumption. Here is how you can make it back to normal, back to being crispy and fresh. When you open the biscuit packet, you can keep it in inside a refrigerator, if it turns soft after exposure in the air. You can try it for yourself and see the trick! Biscuits will bounce back to being crispy.

Tip # 9

Wearing silver ornaments is something that most women enjoy; the most famous ankle bracelet that women wear often becomes dark and loses its sheen after regular use. Same goes true for toe ring. So how do we get the silvery shiny luster of silver ornaments back? Well, all you need to do is to buy a pack of Colgate tooth paste, rub the ornaments using a soft brush with a generous amount of the tooth paste and within minutes the shine and sheen of the silver ornament is restored. Do try this tip; you will be surprised for good.

Tip # 10

Well, this place gets dirty most easily; yes this is none other than the top of the stove. Even if you clean it regularly, it doesn’t shine the way it used to when you first bought it. Here, baking soda can come to our rescue! Take generous amount of baking soda and spray or sprinkle it on the stove top and then spray warm to lukewarm water on the top of the stove, this water should be sufficient to dissolve the soda without making it spread all over. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and the brush it with a cloth wipe. Your stove looks clean and blemish free.

Tip # 11

How to keep the inside of a refrigerator smell fresh, well it is very easy, you can either keep cut lemon pieces inside the refrigerator. Alternatively, keep a box of baking soda open inside a refrigerator give a fresh smell always.

Tip # 12

If you have tiny tots who can scribble on the wall with crayons, and if the house is a rented apartment, there is more to worry about.  Now we have a solution to deal with this problem too. All we have to do is to make a paste of soda and water and gently use this to scrub the walls clean using a damp wash cloth or a sponge. 

Well, I am sure these easy tips can make your life a little easier if you have faced any of the above problems. 

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