In Japan, an elder person was often seen in railway compartments on Sunday and holidays. He was always busy stitching and mending torn seats.

Once an Indian was watched him with curiosity. He said to him, ``Are you a railway employee?’’ are you repairing these seats as a part of your routine job?’’


’``Does anyone pay you for this job?’’


``Then why are you wasting your time and energy in repairing these seats?’’

Railway is public property. I am a citizen of this country. It is my duty to take care of public property. ``I am simply doing my duty. I don’t expect any reward or pay for this work, ‘’ said the man. So saying, he resumed his work.

The Indian was surprised by the noble and selfless contribution of the Japanese for the maintenance of public property.

The Indian started thinking about the sad state of affairs existing in his own country, India. In trains people often sit with their feet on the opposite seats. The seats get dirty and torn. There are all sorts of dirty writings and drawings on the walls of compartments.

Many times, bulbs, fans and taps are missing from railway compartments. People have to travel without light during the night. They have to travel without fans even in hot summer. There is no water in toilets.

People blame the railway administration for all these hardships. But is the railway administration alone responsible for all this? Are we aware of our duties to public property?

Some times there are strike and agitations. Generally public property becomes the target of the anger of the mob. They set trains, buses and other vehicles of public utility on fire. What do they gain by damaging and destroying public property? Who are the ultimate suffers? Who have to bear the expenses caused owing to the loss of public property? Oh! If our people could think over these questions seriously! Oh! If they could learn a lesson from the Japanese gentleman!

As citizen of this country, it is our duty to protect and look after our national property. It is our duty to keep it in good order.

Remember, it is we who have to pay for the manufacture and maintenance of railway coaches, buses and other such vehicles of public utility. It is we who have to suffer from the damages caused to them.

School going children like you must be aware of all this. When you grow up, don’t damage and also don’t let others damage public property. You must bear in mind that public property belongs to us all.

Talk a pledge that will try to protect the national property with your strength. Protection of public property is a great service to the nation.



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