We, the people of India, and politicians, and great writers and poets and national leaders call the Villages as the backbone of India.It is clear that India is a land of villages. The population of India is increasing at a massive rate, as well as the population of rural areas of India. In India at present , a piece of land which can be cultivated by six adults is cultivated by twelve adults of one family. Where-areas the extra four persons can do other various kinds of jobs and earn money. But if they don't get jobs, the ten members will have to use the produce of the land and hence they will be poor.

In India, not only in India but mostly all over the world agriculture is a seasonal work. During the sowing of the seeds onto the lands and transplantation and harvesting seasons many workers are needed. But on the other hand that is during the other seasons they don't have any other work.

If people from rural areas in India are engaged in other jobs or employed, their standards of living will improve at least to some extent. The governments lend them a hand by giving agricultural loans and setting up agro industries to help them. The factories if started by governments can be helpful in farm produce to be set up in rural areas to give employment to rural folk who are unemployed or employed only in a particular seasons.

Rural banks may be set up to lend money to farmers to buy tools,manure,fertilizers, insecticide and other things to increase production and to prevent starvation.In a large way the unemployed and seasonal workers from the rural areas can be employed and bank loans help them a lot to start small business outside the towns or milk farm.

Modern irrigation facilities, electricity, tractors, chemical manures, good roads and the knowledge of modern methods of farming may be offered to them to produce more and to earn enough to improve their status and standard of living.


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