India is now independent for close to 7 decades, but the political masters who govern India have little to show in terms of health and well being of the Indian nation. The Indian population still remains not only under nourished, but millions also go hungry to bed. This is a sad comment on the system of governance adopted by India. Frankly its something of which all Indians should be ashamed off and untill India sets in motion steps to allievate hunger, freedom will remain just a dream.

The latest United Nation report brings out the fact that India has the largest number of hungry and undernourished people in the world. I wonder if such news has any meaning for the political leaders that govern India, BJP or Congress. Frankly there is little to choose between the two.

The United Nations report highlights that India has 194.million people who sleep hungry every day and over all 700 million people are under nourished. I wonder whether Modi and his ilk are happy with such figures and what they have to say about them. These figures put India at the top of the list in the world, way ahead of China, which has a larger population.

Food scarcity is endemic to India. There is little justification for setting up grandoise industrial projects that do not provide food for people. Food is a basic need and unless India sets in motion the first steps to provide food for all, the so called progress has no meaning. I am afraid even well meaning people fail to realize that food is an urgent requirement that has to be tackled on a war footing. Closely related is the farm and village sector. It is a sad commentry that in India 70% of the population is employed in the agriculture sector and yet cant produce enough food for all, while in the USA a mere10% of the population produces an abundance of food and millions of tons of food grains are donated to hungry ntions like India.

India is in a bind. Its about time that the skewed priorities are dumped in the Arabian sea. A nation that cannot provide a bare minimum food requirement for its people is dammed for ever. The ruling elite who have brought India to this position, needs to be court martialed. These are harsh words, but readers will glean an element of truth in them.  To what use is a voyage to Mars, if a child has to go hungry to bed. We need a great man and unfortunately Modi is not that man. Who will pull India out of this morass? I don't see anyone around.

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