Rice on dining table always looks nice and increases your appetite also. Here are some tips to cook rice which can increase the taste of your rice and also increase its nutritious value.

It is good to wash the rice two or three time before cooking them it remove the extra starch or other polished chemicals from them and it also remove the stickiness from them.

Always cook the rice in heavy base utensils so that the rice will not burn or settled in the base.

It is good if you soak the rice for half an hour before cooking them. It increases their taste and improves the texture of the rice. Rice will cook in very less time after being soaked also becomes smooth and tasty in eating.

Always use the water in the ratio of 1:2 for example if your are going to cook 1 cup rice than it is good if you soak them in 13/4 cup of water.

Do not remove the lid many times to check whether the rice are cooked or not it disturb the process of cooking rice.

After the cooked remove them from the gas stove and keep them atleast for 10 minutes with out cover than separate the rice with help of fork or big spoon.

If you want to cook basmati rice for any function or party than it is good if you add some whole spices or green peas in that. It increases the taste of rice as well as rice will look more beautiful and appetizing.

To cook basmati rice just soak them also for 30 minutes than add water in them till the rice will dipped completely in water and the layer of water raise at least 1 inches from the layer of rice.

When the water began to boil adds some salt and ghee in it and slows the flame. It will take at least 12 minutes to cook I cup rice.

The sweet smell of rice will indicate that rice are cooked completely than remove then from gas and serve them hot.

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