India is the biggest parliamentary democratic country in the world with the people of nearly 127 crores.Democracy means "people's rule", rule by the people.the concept the democracy started in ancient greece, Anthens,Their people directly engaged in the development of their place.due to the modernisation and increasing in the size of population it is difficult for the active role of every individual in the developmentt,now-a-days we were opted to the concept of representatives people elect the representatives to parliament.they party who won the majority will rule the country.Indian democracy is mainly stands on four pillars namely

  1. Execution
  2. Legislation
  3. Judiciary and
  4. Media


 Legislation and execution of the laws are held by the parliament members.the parliament building is in circular shape inspired with the great stupa at sanchi in madhya pradesh . constructors of the modern Delhi, Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker designed this great monument. parliament divided into two houses.they are</p>

1)Loksabha (House of people)

2)Rajysabha (council of states)

Both houses are in horse shoe shape.both houses made the laws which are benefiary and well being of the Indian society.The bills are introduced in any one of the house.If the bill is accepted by majority of the people in the house through voting then the same bill introduced in other house for approval of the majority. If it is accepted by majority members then the bill goes to the approval of the President.He may approves or rejects the bill if he rejects then the bill has to be made modifications and reintroduced in any house or it may not be taken into considered again by the parliament.


Loksabha is the Lower House.It is the house of elected representatives.the members are elected by the voters across the nation by casting thier votes in the elections.presently 16th parliamentary session ruling the country from 2014 general elections which is considered as the biggest elections in the human history.81.4 crores of people had voted in this elections.there are a total of 543 members in the that 543 members are elected from the 29 states and 7 union territories.two members are nominated by the President of India.major power vests with the loksabha as it is the represented by the people of this country.the term of the elected members are 5 years.any person who age is above 18 years and resident of this nation can contest in election, as a member to loksabha.the major bills such as related to budget,emergency and dissolvation of the parliament bills generally introduces first in loksabha.speaker and deputy-speaker will control and makes the house to function properly.carpet in the loksabha is green in colour which represents the agriculture.our's agriculturaly depended country.


Now Rajysabha,it is similiar to the house of lords in British is the council of states.members are generally elected through the elected through the elected is also having name of house of representatives.there are total 245 seats in Rajya sabha, out of which 12 are represented by the President of India.remaining are elected by the elected members in general assemblies of the states.President selects the 12 members based on their contributions in certain field such as arts,tehnology, space,films and sports.term of the rajysabha is 6years.for every 2 years 1/3 of the members retires and new members will be elected. Vice-President will acts the chairman of the rajysabha.he will control and acts as head to the house.the carpet in the rajysabha is in red colour which represents the sacrifice made by the patriots for this country.

Both the houses along with the president makes the government to function properly.parliament functions in three sessions they are budget session(february to may),monsoon session(july to september) and winter session(november to mid december). laws are made in parliament they are implemented by the members of the parliament.

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