Its an important factor in our life.

We can kill a person using a knife.Using the same knife,a person's life is saved through medical science.We can hurt or heal using a knife.A word is also like that.

We can hurt or we can heal through our words....

A word which have spoken is like a bullet which is shot.We cannot retrieve it before hitting the target.We should speak out every word with care.It is said that we have to think four times before doing a thing.Likeways,we have to think atleast once before we spoke.Just think that whether it will hurt or annoy someone;think that whether it is suitable for the situation,whether it is suitable for us to spoke.

Our mind is expossed through the words we spoke.What we say as funny maynot be like that for others.Sometimes we speak out without thinking .It maynot be the right always.So,we have to control ourselves.

Our word can be like a knife hurting someone or like a flower which heals.Try to speak what which makes others happy.But its not possible to spoke by keeping everyone happy.Keeping them happy doesnt mean that dont speak against what is wrong.Think before you spoke,.

Our words maynot be healing always,but don't kill someone using your words !!

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