A person is getting one-fourth knowledge from his teacher, one-fourth from companions, one-fourth is self attained and rest from the situation in which he lives.
Attaining knowledge is a part of our growth.Knowledge is the greatest wealth in this world.That which doesnot degrade.
From where are we gaining the knowledge.Are we getting knowledge from our schools? Then answer can be right or wrong.We are gaining knowledge from our schools but its not the destination of the ultimate knowledge.
In someone's life,knowledge gaining is not constrained to the boundaries of our school or college.
One-fourth the knowledge we gain is from our teachers.They show us the way to gain knowledge,give us the basics.Teachers are an inevitable part in our intellectual growth.That's why teaching profession is given so much respect..
One-fourth is gained from our companions.Friends makes our world.We are spending lot of time with them and we learn a lot from them.Sharing of worries,joys among friends strengthens the relation.When we are with our friends , we learn a lot from them..
The next part is what we attain by ourself.Through your experiences,opinions,thoughts,interpretations etc.They make a lot for us.The knowledge that we gain by ourselves will be helpful in different stages of our life.
Last but not the least is what we gain from our surroundings,situation we live.They teach us a lot.'Nature teach us a lot;Neighbours teach us a lot'.
Attaining knowledge will not after some years we born.Its a life long process.And thats why we can say with surety that:
Knowledge is the greatest wealth in the world...

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