Michael Jackson didn't enjoy anything in his childhood days,due to the torture of his fahter.So,he planned to create a palace for childrens and also he achieved it.
The name of the palace is "Never Land".We can say this palace as a "Big Children Park".

Some Details of this Palace which i know:
This Palace is around 2,600 acre.In this Palace,there are 7 small Jokers are there to entertein the children.

A small Zoo is located inside this Palace which consists of A Chimpanzee,Mountain Snake,3 Girafee,Deers, Ducks,Zebras,Ostrich etc...

Inside this Palace Comic Characters Statue are placed.A small train is running from the entrance of this Palace and it stop in Mini station inside the Palace and also Chocolates,icecream shops are available there.

A Mini theatre for Childrens which is estimated about 2 Million US dollars.A small Lake with small toy Boats are there.Oak Trees inside the Palace are Lightning with white lightsin the Night.Library which contains lot of books which are easily understand by the Childrens.

A special Bed specility and Toys available for Physically Challenged Childrens.This Palace is the "Heaven for Childrens".
[Note: But Michael Jackson lived only 4 years in that Palace.]

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