Giant Size heroes of our society

This is my first post on this site about humans, but all of them are superhuman size, larger than life, larger than all of us. Why larger than life? Because they never let others reduce their size or importance. Yes, they did not let others show their real worth. These are the people that helped others making their dreams come true.

We need such people in our lives because we all have our own mountain to climb and there are times when the effort seems wildly illogical and absolutely unreasonable. We need such people because we all have a bit of Himalaya in each one of us. You will have to agree that a time comes in our life we feel the life is widely illogical or absolutely unreasonable.

How they did it

I am not interested to know how far they really walked, climbed, sailed, shipped or climbed, but when I choose them then my main concern is always the same, just how and why they managed to do that. I am sure you did not expect me to go and ask them these questions personally. 

In fact, I searched about them from whatever source that was available to me. Sure, I didn’t ask these questions going to them because everything was there for everyone to see. Again, I was not interested to know why they did or how they achieved such wonderful achievements. In fact, I was interested to know about how they achieved such great goals.

Goals Achieved

Some of the feet achieved were almost impossible for common people, but they did it. Let’s face it, none of these great achievers come from different age groups but all of them are full of life. All of them were not college graduates or moneyed people, but really determined to achieve their target. Yes, they all are full of life and true adventurers but none of them ever thought death as their ultimate.  

No, I haven’t met any of them because they are always on the move. Let me accept that some of them do it for the sake of adventure involved. Adventure, in their own words makes them go for even higher, gives them a sensation beyond words. Who I am talking about anyways so let me add a couple of names here that will appear in my future posts on this site.

People who did it

I am talking about people who climbed over the mountains, swam across rivers and ocean, ran across deserts, sailed in Antarctica, piloted around the world in unorthodox ways and many more. I am sure it’s beginning of a journey that would test me under extreme conditions for writing about real heroes is not as easy as writing about actors from silver screen although I have Ronald Regan and Arnold Schwarzenegger in my list of heroes.

I am talking about, Sherpa Tensing Norgay, Milkha Singh, Rakesh Kumar Sharma. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger one of the greatest heroes of modern American history and I have no intention to mention all the controversies here that came into limelight about his son but his adventures.

I am impressed

I am willing to write about Ronald Reagan, the movie actor turned politician and I have intention to write about Henri Sullivan, the first American who crossed English Channel. I am willing to write about the first Asian girl Arti Saha, from West Bengal India the only girl who crossed English Channel twice. I am willing to write about Sachin Tendulkar, Ganguli and Mahender Singh Dhoni who took Indian cricket to newer heights and I am willing to write about Dhyan Chand who is one of the greatest hockey players the world ever produced.

While on the topic we should not forget the heroes in financial sector who gave India a new image in the world community. We can include bigwigs like Narayan Murthy, Tata, Birla, but we should not forget the contribution of players like Kunal Bahl, the co founder and CEO of Snapdeal, one of the e-commerce business sites of India.

The Achievers

I would like to mention Sachin and Binny Bansal of Flipkart the eCommerce site giving a serious competition to Sachin and Binny Bansal sold books in the beginning and the first book they sold was 'Leaving Microsoft to Change the World’. Today the net worth of Flipkart is more than 98 Billion Rupees. And these are not the only ones but there is a long list of people in the world who belong to this particular category… “The Adventurists” 

I will post about real heroes about INdia in my future articles.  

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