We know that all country having parliament,and it is tha place were all decisions about  the particular country.Here i mentioned some of the countries and their parliament names which i know.
India - Lok Sabha (Lower House), Rajya Sabha (Upper House)
Afghanistan - Shora
Bangladesh - Jatiya Sangsad
Bhutan - Tsongdu
Bulgaria - Narodna Subranie
Myanmar (Burma) - Pyithu Hluttaw
Ethiopia - Shergo
Finland - Eduskusta
Germany - Bundestag (Lower House), Bundestrat (Upper House)
Greenland - Landstraad
Iceland - Althing
Israel - Knesset
Japan - Diet
Malaysia - Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara
Maldives - Majlis
Norway - Storting
Poland - Sejm
Spain - Cortes
Indonesia - Majlis
Iran - Majlis
Mongolia - Great People’s Khural
Nepal - National Panchayat
The Netherlands - The Staten General
Denmark - Folketing
I hope it is very useful to everyone.

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