Sir Francis Bacon was a Famous English Philosopher,Writer and Politician.His career as a writer Soared.

Bacon,the last of 6 sons,was born in 1561.His Father,Sir Nicolas Bacon,had the privilege of being the Keeper of the Great Seal of Queen Elizabeth I.His early education was at Trinity College,Cambridge.In 1577,he was a part of a Diplomatic party that went to France with Queen Elizabeth's Ambassador.He stayed in France until he heard news of his father's death.Bacon was only 18 years old,when his father was died.

After that,he enrolled at Grays Inn to study Law.He was academically brilliant and people started noticing him.In 1586,he was admitted to the bar.At the age of 23,he was a member in the house of commons.He tried his best to get the king to adopt one of his philosophical programs,but James I was unimpressed with his ideas.But he admired Bacon's other talents and was pleased by his flathey.Bacon moved up the political ladden and rose through the ranks rapidly from attrony-general and keeper of the seal to Lord Chancellor.

In 1618,he was made Baron Verulam and 3 years later,Viscount St.Albans,but shortly after,his world came crashing down.He had incurred a lot of debts as he was used to living an extravagent life.As a result,he had accepted a lot of "Gifts" from people who were involved in the legal case,he had supervised as Lord Chancellor,but inspite of taking their gifts,he never passed verdicts that were in favour of the guilty.He was accused of being corrupt and accepting bribes,and these kinds of gifts were accepted by nearly everyone and was quite a common practice.The judge was found him guilty and fined him 40,000 Euro.
He was removed from the post,imprisoned and banished.But the king pardoned him and the fine,banishment and imprisonment were cancelled .Unfortunately for Bacon,his career was over.

Now 60 years old,Bacon was still restless atleast and longed to return to public life.He was decided to focus on his writing and his other love.Inspite of political ambitions,his main interest lay in the quest for scientific truth.He rejected the ideas of Aristotle and recommended a new method to substitute it,in his book called "Novum Organum".His new method was called the "Scientific Method".

Bacon's writings had a profound influence on 17th century science.He was a man of both literature and philosophy.His "Novum Organum" was the second part of his major philosophical writing-teh Instauratio Magna,the first being "The Advancement of Learning".This was later explained in Latin as "De Augmentis Scientiarum". In this he used a distinct and pleasing writing style and made very significant observations about life.

Over the years he also managed to public general works like  "The Colours og Good and Evil" ,De sapientia veterum,the wisdom of the ancients,The new Organon.He also composed "Maxims of the Law".He wrote a biography of Henry VII and penned Apophthegms, which was published after his death,as were "Sylva Sylvarum (or) A natural history".He left his work "New Atlantis",unfinished.

On 9th April 1626,this great philosopher passed away leaving behind dozens of precious writings that lived on and are read till date.

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